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.Issue 301, September 12, 2011
Top News of the Week:
Sony Online Entertainment has confirmed that PlanetSide 2 will indeed be Free-to-Play.

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ArenaNet recently announced that 'Asura Week' will begin the week of September 12.

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Further beta test weekends and EU beta testing for Star Wars: The Old Republic have been delayed due to the upcoming deployment of a new build.

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Picaroon Review: Pirates are NOT Your Friends
In the latest review here at, columnist Greg Dodd takes a look at Picaroon, a game where pirates are present but they are NOT your friends.

Before taking a look at the game, let's take a look at the name. The definition for Picaroon is: a pirate or pirate ship. To picaroon is to act like a pirate. That being said, pirates are in the game but are no friend of yours. Picaroon is an MMORTS set in a large swath of ocean peppered throughout with small islands. The player starts each game on one of these islands and, through naval and aerial bombardment, will seek to expand their empire by taking over uninhabited islands or conquering the islands of other players.

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Guild Wars 2: PAX 2011: Dynamic Events and Guild Halls
Some of the biggest and most exciting stories PAX centered around the hotly-anticipated Guild Wars 2.'s Carolyn Koh sat in on a panel discussion with Arena.Net developers to find out more about both dynamic events and guild halls.

The notion of crafting stations in Guild halls segued nicely to crafting in game. Guild Wars style salvage will be in the game, but there's gathering out in the world as exploring will be part of the game, and a career in crafting will be feasible in Guild Wars2. The team noted that gathering is a skill and players not having a high level skill will not be able to gather high level items from high level nodes. So high level players will not automatically be able to gather the best crafting materials just because they have access to high level zones. However, this doesn't mean that players with high level gathering skills will only gather high-level materials from nodes. Nodes are still level specific to zones. That is to say, low level zone nodes will yield low level materials.

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Game of the Week

FireFall is an upcoming free-to-play post-apocalyptic MMO FPS developed by Red 5 Studios. Set 200 years in the future, Earth has been destroyed by an energy storm called 'The Melding,' which occurred as a result of the overuse of Crystite, a source of energy discovered by humans that ended up replacing all forms of energy on Earth.

'The Melding' destroyed much of Earth and mutated the Earth's terrain and lifeforms. The only habitable place left is, oddly enough, within the eye of the storm, where what's left of humanity attempt to survive.

Players in FireFall take on the role as one of these surviving humans and are tasked with ridding Earth of the 'The Melding,' while also battling back the 'Chosen,' a new race spawned of the storm itself.

Gameplay involves first person or third person combat in an open-world environment, and includes RPG mechanics such as loot, leveling up, and other forms of progression. Four classes, the Engineer, Assault, Recon, and Medic, have been announced so far.

FireFall is currently in beta testing, with the program set to expand significantly following this year's PAX Prime. The official release date is set for December, 2011.

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