Issue 555
October 9th, 2016
Bioware is ready to begin releasing information about the next expansion for Star Wars: The Old Republic. Called Knights of the Eternal Throne, the expansion will see players battling to rule the universe. To show off the explosive nature of Knights of the Eternal Throne, Bioware released a cinematic trailer to set the stage for the forthcoming expansion.
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Trion Worlds has sent word that Atlas Reactor is now available on Steam. Players can purchase the game for $29.99 that includes all Freelancers all the time, or they can take part in the Free Mode that gives players a specific Freelancer rotation each week to level up and try out.
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Atlas Reactor is a game unlike any other. Trion Worlds has managed to create something that's unlike any other game in the crowded competitive marketplace, and therefore it just may well succeed where so many also-rans have failed. It also helps that Atlas Reactor is a hell of a lot of fun in its own right, with style and panache all its own. Read on for our full review.
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The Elder Scrolls Online forum has been updated with the official patch notes for Update 12, aka One Tamriel, online. One Tamriel swings the game world's doors open to allow players to adventure together regardless of level and so much more. Nearly every system and feature in the game has been touched in one way or another.
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Dark and Light, once thought dead and buried is nearing ever closer to its eventual relaunch. It's not the game it was 12 years ago, except in name only. Still, even with a few interviews, we don't have much in the way of gameplay video or real details from the developer itself to go on. Ergo, today we're offering up five things we want from Dark and Light. These are just five of our many hopes, so feel free to weigh in with your own.
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Earthlock: Festival of Magic is a turn-based RPG taking place on a planet, Umbra, upon which a mysterious cataclysmic event occurred years ago. Once on Umbra, as a scavenger named Amon, the player will be responsible for unlocking the mysterious planet, discovering its secrets, and preventing a cult from stealing all of the planet's power and starting a war for the future. Players can travel through the world to experience the nonlinear story, build a home base and craft ammo, as well as decide how to customize combat pairings and formations.
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