Issue 558
October 30th, 2016
Hero's Song backers are getting a special Halloween treat with the announcement that the game's Alpha 3 will be launching that day. The announcement was made via the Hero's Song Twitter.
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After not so subtly hinting around by the Nostalrius "Private Server" group that Blizzard may be getting ready to announce World of Warcraft classic, or vanilla, servers at this year's Blizzcon, J. Allen Brack has taken to the official forums to squash that rumor.
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Next week, we'll be attending BlizzCon 2016, the 10th such affair in the company's long and storied existence. Last year's convention was pretty intense, with Legion info, Overwatch, Warcraft movie goodness... it's hard to imagine that 2016 could somehow top last year. But it's the TENTH BlizzCon. We'd be fools to think that the Irvine, California based studio didn't have some sort of surprise up its sleeve.
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Webzen has announced that the first closed beta event for MU Legend has officially kicked off today. Those who have been selected as beta testers can now head to the MU Legend site tod download the client and get started. To celebrate the big day, Webzen has released a brand new trailer.
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MU Legend has had a long development path. Originally the game was called MU 2, and its development started way back in 2009. Based on Unreal Engine 3, MU Legend aims to bring one of the most popular global Action MMOs into the current generation of gaming. But can Webzen, who's had a bit of a rough road replicating the success of MU Online, make lightning strike twice?
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Guardians of Ember is the brand new Action MMORPG from Runewaker Entertainment (Runes of Magic) and publisher Insel Games. With four races (Humans, Elves, Naia, and Dwarves), six different classes (Dark Knight, Ranger, Engineer, Priest, Mage, Knight), and over 300 unique skills and abilities, there's a whole lot of character customization in GoE. Additionally, players can adopt a second class via the Dual Class system after level 15. Players will get their own house to decorate and customize, there's a unique pet system in-game, and 1v1, 3v3, and 5v5 PVP modes are planned. There's a story structure of 5 acts set for launch, but all dungeons are randomized and there are extensive plans for endgame content as well.
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