Issue 557
October 23rd, 2016
Nintendo has sent out a three minute video to show off its next console, previously known as the Nintendo NX. From here out, it is Nintendo Switch.
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Skyforge players can now dive into the game to try out the massive changes that have arrived with today's deployment of the Ascension expansion. Players can now try out a demo version of the Council of Gods, try their hands at defeating a new boss and much, much more.
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Revelation Online lands in closed beta a week from today on October 25th, 2016. With that in mind, today we're taking a look at the features and footage around the web of the imported MMORPG, to try and figure out what parts of the game are most enticing. Read on for our Fives Reasons to Try Revelation Online. These are just a few of our reasons, feel free to add your own!
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John Smedley has sent out the latest backer update for Hero's Song where he lets the community know that Alpha 3 is just around the corner at the end of this month. During Alpha 3, players will be able to try out fifteen of the game's twenty-one classes, though in a very rough state with undoubtedly lots of balance issues that will be resolved later. In addition, multiplayer will be available, basic dungeons, lots of monsters, underworld, loot, points of interest, better AI and more.
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Skyforge's big expansion Ascension launches today, and we've been playing the game's pre-patch changes in anticipation of the big update. What we've found are a slew of very welcome changes to a game that seemed needlessly complex at launch. Read on for our impressions!
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Hero's Song is a hardcore MMO action RPG and uses the familiar click-to-move and attack controls of classic action RPGs like Diablo III or Path of Exile. Combat takes a more measured pace, giving you time to react to the intelligent tactics of your enemies and to thoughtfully deploy your wide variety of skills and abilities. True to its hardcore nature, combat in Hero's Song is dangerous and has very real consequences including the chance of permanent death. Friendly fire is always defaulted to "on", so positioning and precision are very important considerations. Death will come quickly if you think this is a simple clickfest.
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