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Issue 200, October 5, 2009
In the news
Ready for Beta? Bioware wants people to sign up for a chance to test Star Wars: The Old Republic. This is perhaps the most eagerly anticipated MMO launch since World of Warcraft and now is your first chance to get involved.

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EVE Online's Dominion expansion pack will launch on December 1st, 2009. It's among the big news coming around FanFest in Iceland, which took place over the weekend. More coverage coming next week.

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Are microtransactions coming to Star Wars? There is some evidence that Bioware and EA may be thinking about it. Check out our report.

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Fallen Earth First Impressions
Joe Iuliani has been running around a post-apocalyptic wasteland for and checked in with his first impressions of the just-launched Fallen Earth. A snippet:

"Combat in Fallen Earth takes a certain amount of skill to master. There is no sticky targeting or auto targeting. Players must use the aiming devices of their weapons in order to target an opponent. When equipping a weapon the game takes on a whole new dynamic. The aiming device will appear, and a whole new set maneuvering is required (ducking, sidestepping etc). Players need to maneuver the aiming device on the target in order to hit them. No great feat for stationary targets, but when the player and their target are both moving it gets a little crazy. Quite a few times, I found my eyes blurring as I tried to keep up with the action around me. Fans of a fast paced motor skilled based combat system will not be disappointed."

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MMO Letters: A Call
Every week we will either answer your questions or find someone who can. That's why we put out a call for letters for a new Monday feature over on our staff blog. We want people to send their MMO questions, whether it's on a specific game or the industry in general and we'll make sure to answer them each week back on the blog.

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Tera Online is an upcoming 3D fantasy MMORPG. Tera intends to set itself apart with its lack of targeting, giving players full control over each move instead of targeting or hotkeys, emphasizing skills in combat. Additionally, the world will not be instanced, placing all players in the same space. This is also significant since player influence will play a huge role in shaping both Tera's economy and its community.

There are set to be six races, with eight classes to choose from, each locked in an ongoing war to protect his or her kingdom. The game is currently in development and scheduled for a release in 2010. It will be subscription based.

TERA is developed by Bluehole Studios and represents the next major import of a truly AAA MMORPG experience to the North American market.

The developer promises graphics that are above and beyond anything on the MMORPG market, no small boast, but the game certainly does have some spectacular screenshots.

At this time, there are eight classes revealed for the game: Lancer, Warrior, Sorcerer, Slayer, Berserker, Archer, Elementalist and Priest.

This is definitely a game worth keeping a close eye on and since we've just added it to our game list, but sure to check out it's new section and let us know what you will hype it.

The game is slated for a Q4 2010 launch.

Learn more about TERA here, or check out our game list here.
The Week that Was
Monday, September 28
Jumpgate Evolution Interview

Tuesday, September 29
EVE Online: Senior Producer Interview

Wednesday, September 30
CoH: Mission Architect Interview

Thursday, October 1
Faunasphere Review

Friday, October 2
Fallen Earth: First Impressions
The List
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