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.Issue 359, October 31, 2012
Top News of the Week:
Turbine has confirmed that there have been layoffs at the The Lord of the Rings Online developer.

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Notices have gone out to testers for the alpha test of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn.

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Aventurine has released a new trailer debuting the first in-game footage of Darkfall: Unholy Wars.

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The Elder Scrolls Online: The Comprehensive Preview
We spent three hours last week holed up playing Elder Scrolls Online. During that time, we learned so much about the game it's going to make your head spin. Read on for our comprehensive 3,000 word preview and then share your thoughts in the comments below.

Elder Scrolls Online. Those three words do some strange things to the gaming populace. They both titillate our dreams of an online Tamriel, and fill us with trepidation on what could go wrong with such a venture. When the game was unveiled and previewed at E3 2012, many worried that it wouldn't live up to the Elder Scrolls name it carries. Well it just so happens that we were invited to the Maryland offices of Zenimax Online Studios to learn about the current status of the game's development, it's plans for the future, and more importantly? We played the thing... for three freakin' hours straight. Three glorious hours that flew by in what seemed minutes. When the devs told us we could get lunch? We stayed put. When they told us the building was on fire? We didn't flinch. [READ: The building did not actually catch fire.

You can read the full preview here.

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Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn: This Momentous Occasion
Final Fantasy XIV launched officially -the first time- almost two years ago and was met with harsh criticism. Since then, however, Square Enix has show resolve to breathe new life into FFXIV with the forthcoming v2.0 "A Realm Reborn" version. We've got a lot to say about something as remarkable as this.

The world of Final Fantasy XIV, as a story that was told, will fall under a crushing, immense weight that could not be stopped despite ill portents. Final Fantasy XIV, as a game that was developed, was nearly crushed by seemingly antiquated game design choices and the displeased fanbase of the game and the Final Fantasy brand, which left in droves after being disillusioned.

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Game of the Week
The Elder Scrolls Online is a fantasy MMORPG from Zenimax Online Studios and Bethesda Softworks based on the popular Elder Scrolls series. The game takes place during the Age of Heroes, 1,000 years before the events of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, and will feature classic regions of the Tamriel game world, including Morrowind, Daggerfall, and Skyrim.

The Elder Scrolls Online will have solo and group questing, public dungeons, guilds, and massive PvP warfare that sets the game's three player factions against one another for control over the region of Cyrodiil and the throne of Tamriel.

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This Week
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The Elder Scrolls Online: Making Your Character Your Own

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Defiance: NYC Gamer's Day Preview

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DC Universe Online: Home Turf to Shake Things Up

Friday, October 26
World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria: Review-in-Progress Part Four: Dungeons
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