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.Issue 308, October 31, 2011
Top News of the Week:
Blizzard's Chris Metzen assured World of Warcraft fans that the upcoming Mists of Pandaria expansion wasn't a "joke" at this year's BlizzCon.

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Those of you concerned that CCP Games' recent announcement of significant layoffs spells certain doom for CCP's World of Darkness MMO need not fret. According to World of Darkness senior producer Chris McDonough, development on the game has only slowed down, not stopped.

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DC Universe Online goes free-to-play this week, beginning November 1st.

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Warhammer Online: Re-Review
Warhammer Online is one of the small handful of games that continues to make steady progress throughout the years of its life despite a less than stellar launch.'s Som Pourfarzaneh gives a nod to that fact and has our latest re-review of WAR.

If all of this sounds like we're being overly harsh on WAR, let's get one thing straight: Mythic's MMORPG is fun. It's certainly still some of the best PvP on the market and the active developer updates and involvement with the community are a big plus. The core game is still there, and much more polished than at launch, and while the low population makes it harder to get into Open Realm vs. Realm and the scenarios, there's still a lot to do in WAR and Mythic seems to be working hard to bring players to the game.

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World of Warcraft: Pandaren Monk Impressions
Blizzard rocked World of Warcraft fans with the expansion announcement for Mists of Pandaria. Most exciting about the news is the arrival of the playable Monk class.'s Joe Iuliani had the opportunity to check out the Monk and has a hands on report for our readers.

The monk's are primarily powered by Chi energy. Chi powers jabs and rolls. Executing jabs generates Light and Dark force. These Light and Dark forces are used to power all other abilities. It should be noted that force is also known as "sha" throughout the game.

To this end Monks have an additional force display. Showing five indicators for both light and sha energy. For example the monk ability "Black Out Kick" uses two sha energy. The monk would be able to execute two kicks before having to return to their chi powered jabs to replenish their expended sha energy.

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Game of the Week
TERA is an upcoming 3D fantasy MMORPG. TERA intends to set itself apart with its lack of targeting, giving players full control over each move instead of targeting or hotkeys, emphasizing skills in combat. Additionally, the world will not be instanced, placing all players in the same space. This is also significant since player influence will play a huge role in shaping both Tera's economy and its community.

There are set to be six races, with eight classes to choose from, each locked in an ongoing war to protect his or her kingdom.

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