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Issue 203, October 26, 2009
In the news
One of the most anticipated Betas of any MMO out there got into gear last Monday when Star Trek Online opened Closed Beta. They also announced the game would be out in Q1 2010.

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Beta begin for the Scots as well. All Points Bulletin, the Grand Theft Atuo style MMOFPS out of Scotland's Realtime Worlds, began testing on Monday.

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Global Agenda finally announced their business model, which was a bit of a surprise. The game is free to play to anyone who buys the box as a more traditional FPS, while many of the end-game, and MMO-like functions are unlocked as part of a subscription fee.

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Warhammer Online 1.3.2 Q&A
Patch 1.3.2 in Warhammer Online introduced some huge changes and we interviewed Producer Jeff Skalski about them. Here is a snippet: Are you at all concerned that the new Apprentice System is going to prevent many people from enjoying the full scope of content available to them and simply spend their time apprenticed to a max level character?

Jeff Skalski: Not at all. The way I look at is, why should a player who's paying for our service be restricted to play with whomever he or she wants to because they are not within the "right" range of ranks to enjoy the content? I'm happy we got apprenticing up in for 1.3.2 and we're working through the bugs we encountered on PTS a few weeks ago for apprenticing down right now. The team is trying to get those kinks worked out for 1.3.3, so hopefully all T2-T4 players can enjoy the new low level dungeon Hunter Vale with their higher ranked characters

You can read the full article here.

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New Columnist: Victor Wachter
A veteran of Turbine, Cryptic Studios and others, Victor Wachter is one of the most respected voices in MMO Community Management and we're lucky enough to introduce him as our newest weekly columnist. His work will appear each Tuesday.

In his debut column he wrote about Champions Online and what it meant when they decided to go Shardless.

Check out the column here.

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Age of Conan is this week's Game of the Week.

This week, they announced that players who subscribe for multiple months will get huge discounts as part of a campaign to get people back into the game.

The Funcom MMO has had a rough history. It launched with a huge amount of hype and didn't quite deliver on expectations.

Since then, Funcom has tried steadily to improve the game and clearly now feel it is time to bring people back in.

The game is set in the Robert E. Howard universe made famous by the Arnold Schwarzenegger movies. Players play in Conan's Kingdom and the game brings a grown-up and gritty twist to the traditional fantasy MMO experience.

Learn more about Age of Conan here, or check out our game list here.
The Week that Was
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Five IPs To Bring In A New Demo

Wednesday, October 21
Aion: One Month Q&A

Thursday, October 22
Wood Rants On Press Releases

Friday, October 23
Skelton: It's Lonely At The Bottom
WoW Keynote Video
We had an exclusive chance to record a detailed keynote presentation from AGDC given by Frank Pearce and J. Allen Brack of Blizzard about how that company works and supports World of Warcraft. You can watch it all here.
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