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.Issue 358, October 22, 2012
Top News of the Week:
During this year's SOELive event, SOE president John Smedley announced that SOE is in the process of reworking EverQuest Next.

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Mark your calendars! PlanetSide 2 releases this November!

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ArenaNet is teasing the 'Shadow of the Mad King' Halloween event for Guild Wars 2 in this latest trailer.

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DOFUS: Review
Ankama Games' DOFUS has been one of those games that has quietly met with success over the years of its life, even spawning WAKFU recently. We take a look at DOFUS and see how it measures up in our latest review. Read on! Played DOFUS? Let us know what -you- think in the comments.

I can't say enough about how impressive and charming are Dofus' visuals. The game sports cute, colorful character models and environments that manage to be reminiscent of fantasy anime archetypes while still presenting a unique and distinct style. I tend to be pretty glowy over Ankama Games' art styles across their various media, and while I know that the anime-inspired graphics aren't quite everyone's cup of tea, there can be no doubt that the attention to detail and lovingly crafted environments in Dofus are delightful. The game's sounds and music are likewise nice, although there isn't any voice acting or range of crazy sound effects outside of the clamor of battle. Dofus' music is just as charming as its visuals, and can be sometimes wistful, other times rousing, although the game could use a bit more variety here.

You can read the full reviewhere.

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Defiance: It's a Massive Online Shooter and More!
One of the things that Defiance Senior Producer Rob Hill likes to emphasize is that the Trion-Syfy collaborative effort is a Massive Online Shooter versus an MMO. He's got lots more to say about this groundbreaking title so keep reading our exclusive interview! Let us know what you think in the comments.

We had an Ark Falls the Friday before last where we had 50 people at an Ark Falls. We only rendered certain amount of characters and monster but it looked very crowded. The players still exist because it is all server side. The sever is tracking all the damage and that kind of stuff so they are still participating you just won't always necessarily get to see them, but we did show them on the radar so it was just a mass of purple dots.

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Game of the Week
PlanetSide 2 is a scifi MMOFPS currently in development from Sony Online Entertainment that takes all the best features of the original PlanetSide and brings them into the modern gaming age, adding improvements that are expected in the genre. Players join one of three factions (Terran Republic, New Conglomerate, or Vanu Sovereignty) and engage in combat on foot, vehicles, or the skies.

Battle across open fields to urban centers with and against hundreds of other players to control key territories and valuable resources. Sign up now to be a beta tester at the main website!

Learn more about PlanetSide 2 here, or check out our game list here.
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Age of Wusuh: Going Beyond Pretty Visuals

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Final Fantasy XIV: Glory or Death - Part One

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World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria: Review-in-Progress Part Three
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