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.Issue 306, October 17, 2011
Top News of the Week:
The main Star Wars: The Old Republic panel at this year's New York Comic-Con revealed three new nuggets of important information.

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This new video developer diary for The Secret World details the game's PvP features.

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Final Fantasy XIV is due for some major overhauls next year, and Square Enix has provided a full road-map of what players can expect and when.

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Aika: Review
One of the most touted entries into the exploding free to play market, Aika Online arrived a bit over a year ago. In our latest review at, Som Pourfarzaneh takes a look at Aika Online and offers this compelling thought: "we can easily recommend trying it if you're interested in an Eastern-themed fantasy MMO with a heavy emphasis on PvP."

The more we play of Aika, the more we like it, but at the same time the less we feel compelled to play it. Gala-Net's MMORPG has a lot of weird quirks and systems that are not explained very well, but now that we've figured them out and understand them better, we like the game a lot more for what it's trying to accomplish. Pran are a funny and fun addition and the PvP focus is an interesting alternative to PvE-centric MMOs, and we especially like the concept of Five Nations with different aims and outlooks.

You can read the full review here.

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Star Wars: The Old Republic: Modification Madness
As the release date for Star Wars: The Old Republic nears, most systems have been revealed and discussed. There yet remains, however, one feature that has yet to be fleshed out: The item modification system. In today's article, Community Manager Mike Bitton takes a look at what is known about item modification.

As early as this summer, BioWare got a bit more specific, using the example of a Tusken Raider outfit to illustrate the versatility of the system. Using the item modification system, players would basically be able to keep their items (such as some random Tusken Raider outfit) up to snuff all the way to level cap, and perhaps beyond. However, in the absence of concrete specifics (such as a detailed write-up/section on the official TOR website), most fans have been divided on how confident they are this system would adequately replace the much desired appearance tab, and this void has obviously left room for a lot of rampant speculation.

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Game of the Week

This week's Game of the Week is Bioware's upcoming MMORPG, Star Wars: The Old Republic, and why not? After all, the upcoming Star Wars MMO (the second, historically), is one of the most talked about upcoming games not only within the MMO genre, but in all of gaming.

With Bioware's reputation as a first class developer of single player RPGs, many video gamers find themselves wondering how the company will handle the challenge presented in the realm of multiplayer games.

With more and more information being leaked out about this game all the time, the opinions are coming in from all sides with players weighing in. Some would like to see the game more closely resemble the sandbox style of the original Star Wars Galaxies while others are looking forward to a near perfect continuation of Bioware's success with their previous Knights of the Old Republic title.

As information leans us more toward the latter than the former, it will be interesting to see what players think as this game comes closer and closer to launch.

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