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.Issue 409, October 12, 2013
Top News of the Week:
Space PvP comes to Star Wars: The Old Republic in full-force this December with the launch of the game's second digital expansion, "Galactic Starfighter".

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"Blood & Madness", the latest update to Guild Wars 2, arrives October 15.

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The Kickstarter for the self-described City of Heroes spiritual successor, City of Titans, has been fully funded.

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Eternal Saga: Review
In our latest review, we take a look at R2Games' Eternal Saga to see how it measures up to the ever-crowded MMO competition.

Wooosh. "What was that?" I hear you ask. Oh, it's just the sound of me flying past on my glittery paper airplane. Where can you get one? Well look no further. Published by R2games entertainment, well known for their free-to-play games, Eternal saga is a F2P fantasy browser MMORPG in which your character helps to save the world from a demon invasion. Unlike their previous title, Wartune, R2 Games are moving away from strategy and more so into the world of fantasy roleplaying by bringing us an isometric top-down view complete with micro-transactions and an anime art-style environment. Oh, and more importantly, a sparkly paper airplane mount.

You can read the full review here.

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StarCraft Universe: 'The Answer is 7'
Starcraft Universe began as a fan mod using the Starcraft 2 builder tools. After a successful KickStarter campaign, however, SCU aspires to be something more. More like an MORPG answering to the number 7. Want to know the reason behind that cryptic answer? Read our Russian Correspondent Shelassa's exclusive interview and then head to the comments.

It was an idea that came to me in the late 90's with the release of SC1 and Everquest that resurfaced around the release of Wings of Liberty. I remember seeing a few World of StarCraft hoaxes using images from StarCraft: Ghost and knew it might be possible to use the StarCraft II engine and assets to develop something that would cater to a desire many StarCraft fans have had for a while.

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Game of the Week
Star Citizen is a sci-fi MMO in development from Cloud Imperium Games Corporation and Chris Roberts, designer of the famous Wing Commander and Privateer series. The game allows players to take the roles of smugglers, pirates, merchants, bounty hunters, and pilots in a sandbox universe.

Star Citizen will be available for a one-time purchase fee and no subscription, with an item shop based on in-game currency for convenience and customization items.

Learn more about Star Citizen here, or check out our game list here.

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