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.Issue 305, October 10, 2011
Top News of the Week:
ArenaNet's Colin Johanson confirmed this week that the closed beta for Guild Wars 2 will commence by the end of this year.

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Enter for a chance to win 5 years of VIP subscription time to City of Heroes: Freedom in our City of Heroes: Freedom: Fight in Style Contest!

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Perfect World Entertainment and Cryptic Studios announced a major shift in course for Neverwinter, switching over from a co-op RPG to a free-to-play action MMO.

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EverQuest II: Re-Review
Norrath, as's Robert Schroeder says, has been the MMO "home" of countless players for many years. Everquest II is an enduring classic game that continues to attract new players. In our ongoing effort to re-review games that consistently show progress and improvement, takes a look at Everquest II.

Overall, I found my return to Everquest 2 to be a lot of fun. Revisiting old zones with new characters gave a sense of nostalgia, while at the same time leaving me excited and giddy to see how they had changed. At the same time, visiting new zones with old characters allowed me to unlock new mysteries and battle new evils as I journeyed through magical cities and deadly wastelands. Easy to find and welcoming guilds added a greater sense of community and companionship to the game, while epic quests and dangerous dungeons brought us together for a common cause.

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GDC Online: Game Narrative with Tom Abernathy
In the final "pre-GDC Online" article for, Industry Relations Manager Garrett Fuller chats with Microsoft's Tom Abernathy about the art of storytelling in today's games. It's a terrific insider's look at writers and writing in the industry.

Tom Abernathy joins us for our final feature on GDC Online to outline the Game Narrative Summit. Tom works at Microsoft and is very passionate about game narrative and game writing. With such a strong emphasis on story in online games lately it is great to chat with someone who works very specifically in that area. GDC has the Game Narrative ciriculum in its program to help writers get involved in how to write for video games. As Tom explains there is much more to it than folks likely expect. It's not like writing a novel.

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Game of the Week
TERA is an upcoming 3D fantasy MMORPG. TERA intends to set itself apart with its lack of targeting, giving players full control over each move instead of targeting or hotkeys, emphasizing skills in combat. Additionally, the world will not be instanced, placing all players in the same space. This is also significant since player influence will play a huge role in shaping both Tera's economy and its community.

There are set to be six races, with eight classes to choose from, each locked in an ongoing war to protect his or her kingdom.

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