Issue 595
November 25, 2017
Massively is reporting that they have received a tip from a "credible former Gazillion employee" that told them that most, if not all, Gazillion developers have been let go, that the company has shuttered completely and that the game will cease operations on Friday, November 24th, not on December 31st as indicated in last week's announcement.
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The Darkfall: New Dawn team has released a brief new trailer to inform fans and players that the overhauled Aventurine title will be released on January 26, 2018. The game server will be located in Europe when the game launches.
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Remember the other week when I said we'd have more details on Destiny 2's upcoming first expansion, The Curse of Osiris heading your way soon? Well, soon is here and we're ready to let a few more details out from behind the NDA curtain. So, let's take a look at the new hubworld and some of the extra-curricular activities you'll be able to participate in.
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Beamdog has pulled a fast one with its announcement of Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition. Starting tomorrow, players can begin to pre-order the game and enjoy the possibility of being chosen to enter into a Head Start program that allows players to test out "an early version of the game, import modules, and prepare persistent world servers".
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Starting my adventure, I first spoke to a fox-like being who set me on the path to learn how to fly. Funny, a fox, teaching me - a human - how to fly. Yet that is the type of stuff you can expect to see while you level to the end game in Ascent: Infinite Realm, the upcoming MMO from Bluehole.
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Darkfall: New Dawn is an Empire building MMO taking over the source code of Darkfall Online and evolving it into a meaningful sandbox game being made by Ub3rgames. It boasts impressive technology, providing large scale battles with projectile calculation and player collisions in a seamless open world. Most of the game is played in first person view, for archery and magic, and in a close third person view for melee combat. It has naval combat, mounted combat and an heroic fantasy version of tanks. You could compare Darkfall to an MMOFPS, but with a living, breathing, virtual world. This is a game without classes that offers crafting and a multitude of skills and spells that increase with use and let players feel the limit of their own abilities. There are no mages, warriors or rangers, only combatants that use whatever tools they can to reach victory.

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