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Issue 205, November 9, 2009
In the news
On Friday, word came out that Star Trek Online would launch this coming February, a bit earlier than anticipated. The news came out thanks to's listing, but Eurogamer confirmed it.

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On Wednesday, Blizzard set off a mini firestorm when they announced that players would be able to buy two purely cosmetic pets in what some consider the introduction of microtransactions into the popular MMO.

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Friday marked the reveal of another Star Wars: The Old Republic class: The Imperial Agent. We have the goods on what the new class is all about in this eagerly anticipated Bioware MMORPG.

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Scott Jennings Debuts New Column
Scott Jennings practically created MMO blogging. Through his alter-ego "Lum the Mad," Scott was one of the pioneers of MMO reporting back in the days of EverQuest and Ultima Online. Since then, he's gone on to work for Mythic, NCsoft and a host of other companies as a programmer and Lead Designer. Last Wednesday, he joined the Columnist roster and wrote about how to survive a job interview for a design position:

"Don't insult the interviewer. It's fine to have opinions, and to express them, but at the same time, do so with respect. If you are applying to a position on a live team for an MMORPG (and you're even more insane than anyone else for doing so, by the way!), don't start with a detailed dissertation of how every core assumption that the designers made was clearly wrong and how you would immediately improve things given just the fraction of a chance. Because, um, the people interviewing you are those designers who made clearly wrong core assumptions. Whether or not they are wrong is almost beside the point - to fix that, assuming that is in fact your objective, will entail working with others (including them) and building a consensus among a team of dozens that your views are in fact correct. There are ways to do this, and insulting the people interviewing you for a chance at it is not the best way to start. By all means be honest - but not confrontationally so."

You can read the full article here.

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Torchlight: MMO Plans
Our Carolyn Koh talked to Torchlight about the recently launched single-player RPG Torchlight and Runic's plans to transition it into an MMORPG. A sample:

Runic Games President and Torchlight Lead Designer Travis Baldree, Art Director Jason Beck and Zombie Pyrotechnician (no kidding) John Dunbar, a Producer type talked about their plans, their aspirations and their hopes for what we dubbed "Torchlight, the MMO" over the conference table.

"We hope to create a game that plays like Torchlight single-player in an MMO environment," said Travis.

"Quick gameplay and highly soloable," tossed in John.

Check out the full article here.

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Warhammer Online has made all of Tier 1's content free to play. Instead of the traditional time limited free trial, the Mythic MMO now lets people enjoy as much of Tier 1 for as long as they want. To go beyond that, of course, they need to subscribe.

This is a pretty big shift for EA and Mythic. Despite a lot of hype, Warhammer Online has underperformed since launch and not been the hit both EA and Mythic had hoped. This is a step in rehabilitating the game.

WAR was designed to capitalize on "Realm vs. Realm," which Mythic pioneered with Dark Age of Camelot. The game pits Order vs. Chaos in a two faction war and unlike DAoC, allows people to level up and play RvR from start to finish.

Set in the popular Warhammer Fantasy universe, WAR is a grittier and less serious take on fantasy. It's a quirky, yet dark universe.

The game features a wealth of unique classes, like Order's Witch Hunter, that just don't have obvious fictional counterparts in other games. It blends traditional swords and sorcery with a bit more technology, such as guns.

While the game has received heavy criticism in many quarters, this move shows Mythic's confidence in how the game exists today and is a clear move to try and lure people back for a second try.

To investigate, Managing Editor Jon Wood logged back in to give the game a second look post patch 1.3.2.

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DDO Update One
Recently, we spoke to Turbine about the first update to the now free-to-play Dungeons and Dragons Online.
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