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Issue 208, November 30, 2009
In the news
The Jedi Consular and the Sith Inquisitor will be the final two classes in Bioware's Star Wars: The Old Republic. News leaked from a European magazine last week.

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The NDA for Mortal Online has been lifted.

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Undead Labs is the name of Guild Wars creator and NCsoft alumn Jeff Strain's new studio. They're hard at work on a brand new zombie shooter MMO for the consoles.

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Darkfall: Conquer The Seas Interview
Conquer The Seas is coming on December 4th to Darkfall. Aventurine SA Associate Producer Tasos Flambouras took some time just prior to the big update to check in and give us a full update on what they've been working on. "Balancing PvP in Darkfall has always been a challenge. Will the expansion bring anything in for game balance?"

Tasos Flambouras: "This expansion is all about game balance: The skill extensions and character specializations, the global cool-downs for area of effect spells and new skills introduced in the game are just a few of the many measures we have taken to improve game- balance. We've been listening to the player feedback for a long time, playing the game ourselves, and we believe that we have a very good understanding on what needs to be done to balance the game even further."

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Runescape Interview
Runescape Lead Designer Mark Ogilvie tackles the bulk of this interview, while Jagex Co-Founder Paul Gower chimes in with one special answer. Runescape is, of course, the browser based free-to-play sensation that has continued to attract untold numbers of players over its long history. So what can we expect with RuneScape in the near future? What plans do you have for the game over the holidays?

Mark Ogilvie: Holiday events are always exciting for us to produce, because we get to have some real fun with the players. Not everyone likes wacky gameplay with cosmetic rewards, but we certainly enjoy making them, Xmas is no exception. We're also planning to release sequels to two of our older storylines and some guild-oriented content in November and December.

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Perfect World International is the Western version of a popular Chinese game published by a company of the same name.

On December 9th, the game will see it's third expansion: Rising Tides. Already out in China, this expansion introduces a brand new race into the game world. The Tideborn are a formerly aquatic race who have come to land.

The expansion also features two new classes: The Assassin and The Psychic.

The Assassin is a true rogue class with a twist, when they deal damage, they not only hurt their enemies, they buff the health of their allies.

The Psychic was added to help change group dynamics. This buff/debuff class can help players fit into groups they might not otherwise be suited to and should make finding a proper group easier for everyone.

Unlike many MMOs, PWI tries to combat the "grind" associated with games of its type by institutionalizing elements others forbid. For example, "botting" is actually part of the game. Players earn energy that they can then spend to send their characters out into the world on a pre-set script defined by them, right inside the game engine.

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The Week that Was
Monday, November 23
PWI Expansion Preview

Tuesday, November 24
Wachter: The Failed Game

Wednesday, November 25
EverQuest Expansion Preview

Thursday, November 26
Global Agenda Recon Screens

Friday, November 27
Darkfall Expansion Q&A
Star Wars Thursday!
We will have a lot of Star Wars: The Old Republic content this Thursday. Check it out on December 3rd.
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