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Issue 204, November 2, 2009
In the news
MechScape, the sci-fi follow-up to RuneScape from Jagex, has been canceled. Much of the technology will be recycled into a new, unannounced project.

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Want to know about the "Going Rogue" update to City of Heroes? Paragon Studios let the information fly last week. The entire three part speech is on YouTube, but we have a summary on the site.

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Is Warhammer Online going free to play? Kind of. Mythic has announced that they're taking the 10 day restriction off of free trials. Instead, people can play as long as they want in Tier 1 content.

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DnD Online Unlimited Review
Our own Jaime Skelton went back to Dungeons and Dragons Online to take a second look now that the game has completed its transition to free-to-play.

"When Eberron Unlimited was released to the public in September, it opened up the floodgates to new players who were drawn in by the biggest selling point known to man: the word free.

"To call DDO completely free to play is technically correct, in that all content can be accessed without paying any actual money to Turbine. The details are more tricky than that, however. Leveling up as a free player requires a sigil every fifth level, which can be obtained by chance through quests, or purchased at the DDO store. Actual free content - that does not require a DDO Store purchase - is limited to a moderate number of quests up to level 12, and VIP/purchased content starts coming into play at about level four, when characters begin venturing into the Stormreach Marketplace."

You can read the full article here.

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5 Scariest MMO Launches
We counted down the five scariest MMO launches this week. There were some surprises on the list and a pretty obvious game at number one. Find out the full list:

"MMOs have never launched well. Back in the day, Dark Age of Camelot became an overnight success in part due to their ability to ship a game that didn't explode on impact. Still, even against this sometimes comical history of failure, some games have really gone above and beyond to screw their customers in those early, fragile days.

"Let me say at the outset, there is no way a list of five games will hit every bad launch. We know and encourage you to tell us who we missed. A list of good launches might have been easier to put together, sadly, since there are so few."

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It's probably the most popular Western browser-based MMO ever made, but sometimes it slips under the MMO radar. Of course, it's RuneScape.

UK-based Jagex pioneered a new style of MMOs back in 2004 with this classic fantasy title.

It became of of the forefront of browser-based, free-to-play games and has long since used a hybrid business model that companies are only finally settling into today.

RuneScape lets people play and have fun for free. There are restrictions, which can be lifted with light subscription fees. It appeals to a more casual, younger crowd.

Recently, Jagex released "Runescape HD," which updates the game's visual look and feel to a more modern audience.

Learn more about Runescape here, or check out our game list here.
The Week that Was
Monday, October 26
LEGO Universe: Preview

Tuesday, October 27
Fallen Earth: New Player Revamp

Wednesday, October 28
Fuller: MMO Burnout

Thursday, October 29
Your Sex: Prove It or Lose It!

Friday, October 30
DDO Unlimited Q&A
Star Trek Online Q&A!
Last week we did a Q&A with Cryptic Studios on Star Trek Online. Check it out here.
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