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Issue 261, November 29, 2010
In the news
Nexon announced that Vindictus: Episode 4 will go live in December.

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Flying Lab Studio announced that Pirates of the Burning Sea will set sail on Free-to-Play waters come November 29.

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CCP Games released a brand-new trailer for the upcoming "Incursion" expansion to EVE Online.

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Vindictus: The Review
Vindictus has been hailed as a groundbreaking new MMO with a physics-based engine that renders some pretty incredible animations.'s Bill Murphy has been playing Vindictus and has a lot to say about Nexon's latest MMO.

If the biggest knock I can give a game is that it can be repetitive during longer play sessions, than Nexon is doing something right. Crafting is more a chore than fun, and the adventurer in me would really love to see a fully explorable world from DevCat studios, but it is what it is. Vindictus may not be for everyone. Fans of traditional world-like MMO experiences or sandbox games won't find much up their alley here. But if you love a good fast-paced dungeon crawl, visceral combat, with slick visuals to boot, Vindictus is easily the highest quality F2P action-MMO on the market. Its storyline is engaging and its presentation is on par with some of the best AAA studio offerings to date. I wouldn't pay a subscription fee for it, but the beauty of it all is that you don't have to.

Taking Vindictus for what it is, a highly action-oriented dungeon romp with really shiny looks and an engrossing narrative, the game sets a new bar for F2P games of all types. Things will be even more interesting as they add new areas, and the final two classes (an Archer and a two-handed bruiser). Definitely recommended.

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LEGO Universe: The Review
In the latest exclusive review here at, Carolyn Koh takes a look at LEGO Universe. LEGO Universe is considered an "MMO for all" with an "E" for everyone rating from the ESRB.

LEGO Universe is also quite expensive for a kids' MMOG as the game costs $39.99 - the same as other LEGO games which can be played anytime, but requires a $9.99 monthly subscription to continue playing after the first 30 days. It seems a shame that the business model chosen wasn't a Hybrid model where the game itself and the first area were free, and other worlds purchased or accessible via a monthly subscription. Net Devil would probably also make a mint selling packages of bricks to the "older" kid and LEGO aficionado.

With a little more tweaking, LEGO Universe could be a brilliant magical game. It has all the hallmarks for greatness with polished graphics, game play and many hooks. It's just too bad that some minor flaws can spoil the magic, and as the 12-year old said, "I don't have $10 a month! And not when I'm only allowed to play computer games on the weekends." There are cheaper alternatives on the market, and that could explain the light population in the game in spite of a popular franchise.

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This week's Game of the Week is Bioware's upcoming MMORPG, Star Wars: The Old Republic, and why not? After all, the upcoming Star Wars MMO (the second, historically), is one of the most talked about upcoming games not only within the MMO genre, but in all of gaming.

With Bioware's reputation as a first class developer of single player RPGs, many video gamers find themselves wondering how the company will handle the challenge presented in the realm of multiplayer games.

With more and more information being leaked out about this game all the time, the opinions are coming in from all sides with players weighing in. Some would like to see the game more closely resemble the sandbox style of the original Star Wars Galaxies while others are looking forward to a near perfect continuation of Bioware's success with their previous Knights of the Old Republic title.

As information leans us more toward the latter than the former, it will be interesting to see what players think as this game comes closer and closer to launch.

Learn more about The Old Republic here, or check out our game list here.

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