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Issue 259, November 15, 2010
In the news
Bioware Lead Principal Writer Daniel Erickson discussed Star Wars: The Old Republic's recently revealed "Crew Skills" crafting system at length in a new interview over at DarthHater this week.

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K2 Networks announced the acquisition of the beleaguered cops-n-robbers MMOG All Points Bulletin this week.

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Paragon Studios provided fans with an in-depth look at the Incarnate system in a new preview of Issue 19: Alpha Strike released this week.

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Sennheiser PC161 Headset Review
In her latest hardware review for, Carolyn Koh takes on the Sennheiser PC161 Headset. This particular headset is the medium range of the Sennheiser line and Carolyn put it through its paces.

Being a music lover, I tend to "ooh" and "aah" over musical "magic" more than the flatness of the frequency response curve and the tightness of the match of the left and right speakers, which the sound engineer in my brother pronounced "very, very good" several times (yes, he was impressed). It's easier to rhapsodize over how well a piece of music is delivered than how well an explosion is, or how well you can hear human speech in the midst of a cacophony of sound. Can you hear what Bond is yelling through the sound of helicopter in flight or your raid leader yelling "More DOTS!" in the middle of a 32 man raid? You ought to.

The Sennheiser PC161 has the resolution to handle complex sound and delivers the human voice with ease. Engineered to be a gaming headset, not audiophile headphones, I'd recommend it to anyone looking for a gaming headset at that price range.

You can read the full article here.

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DC Universe Online: Hands-On Preview
Last week,'s Drew Wood had the opportunity to spend some time with the Sony Online Entertainment Studios in Austin, Texas. During his time there, Drew scored some hands on time with DC Universe Online. Drew has a few things to say about DCOU.

If you're a comic book fan, particularly of the DC Universe, you're in for a treat. While I was originally one of those people who was disappointed at the lack of options for your mentor (seriously, where was Booster Gold?), after seeing the game in action I can honestly say that they've done a very good job of integrating the world of DC Comics beyond the DC Trinity and their respective baddies. You get all the famous heroes, the ones everyone knows, but even for the hardcore DC Comics fan, you're bound to find something that will make you smile.

It could be said that DCUO sets the bar for MMOs, but I think it'd have to be said that it's only for a certain kind of MMO. People who are married to the traditional, which I do understand, will probably have some reservations about not only playing the game, but liking it. It's all simple preference. Where the game won me over, though, was in its differences, in the deviations from what we have come to expect from your standard MMO. Will they lose players based on this? Absolutely. But, the format also potentially broadens the base of players, especially given the IP on which it's based.

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This week's Game of the Week is Bioware's upcoming MMORPG, Star Wars: The Old Republic, and why not? After all, the upcoming Star Wars MMO (the second, historically), is one of the most talked about upcoming games not only within the MMO genre, but in all of gaming.

With Bioware's reputation as a first class developer of single player RPGs, many video gamers find themselves wondering how the company will handle the challenge presented in the realm of multiplayer games.

With more and more information being leaked out about this game all the time, the opinions are coming in from all sides with players weighing in. Some would like to see the game more closely resemble the sandbox style of the original Star Wars Galaxies while others are looking forward to a near perfect continuation of Bioware's success with their previous Knights of the Old Republic title.

As information leans us more toward the latter than the former, it will be interesting to see what players think as this game comes closer and closer to launch.

Learn more about The Old Republic here, or check out our game list here.

The Week that Was
Monday, November 8
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Rift: Planes of Telara: Q&A with Scott Hartsman

Wednesday, November 10
DC Universe Online: Wes Yanagi Interview

Thursday, November 11
Vindictus: A First Look

Friday, November 12
Warhammer Online: Skaven Update
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