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MMORPG.com Newsletter Issue 03, December 05, 2005
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On November 30th (Wednesday), The Chronicles of Spellborn officially kicked off their Closed Beta Testing phase. The press release promises a game that will be a "new model in MMO gaming", allowing players to move through time, a "skill deck" that will allow many different attack combinations, and the chance for player actions to "determine the fate of their House and the rest of the world". Read all about it, here.

On December 1st (Thursday), Dana Massey brought to our attention a piece of evidence that Ensemble Studios - the makers of the extremely popular Age of Empires franchise - will be making an MMORPG in the near future. Massey located a recent job posting which lists Ensemble as seeking a Producer with "experience developing MMOs". Get the whole scoop, here.

On December 4th (Sunday), 1UP announced that they had learned that Sigil, the company currently responsible for Vanguard: Saga of Heroes, has acquired the rights to develop a new MMORPG based on the world of Marvel Comics. Our own Dana Massey did some sleuthing this week and points out that the Sigil website welcomes on a new "Senior Game Designer". Massey speculates that this would indicate a new game on the horizon for this company. To get the news, click here.
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With all of the recent backlash against Sony Online Entertainment regarding the recent treatment of Star Wars: Galaxies, we thought it might be fun to look back at something a little bit more positive. Back in May of this year, Darren Bridle took a look at EverQuest II and the number of additions that the company made to that game in the first 6 months of its life. In the short article, Bridle presents an overview of the accomplishments.

Below, you will find an interesting sample of quotations from the Bridle article titled, "EverQuest II Content Galore":

  • Since the release of Everquest 2 in November 2004, Sony Online Entertainment has experienced tremendous success and laid claim to its 2nd established MMO.
  • The Bloodline Chronicles is Sony’s first Adventure Pack. According to John Smedley these Adventure Packs are an industry first (John Smedley’s letter to the community dated April 7th).
  • Without counting bloodlines, 15 new dungeons were added, 12 of those level 50 epic dungeons.
  • One of the most recent additions is the ability to send mail to other players.
Take a look at the article, Here.
For screenshots from EverQuest II, click Here.
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This week, we're opening up a new feature in our newsletter. A "letters to the editor" section. This week, we're kicking it off on a little bit of a different note, as News Manager, Jon Wood writes a letter to you, our readers:

Dear Readers,

Now that we're "into the swing" of the newsletter game - this being our third issue and all - I would like to say thank you for taking the time to read it, and I hope that you have enjoyed the content so far. Our website offers its readers the best in up-to-date and interesting news from the world of MMORPGs. The main page of our site is full of links to great site content. When it came time to start our newsletter, we gave some serious thought to the way that we wanted to present it. Should we offer a weekly summary of the website? Should we use the newsletter as a way of communicating new features to our readers? How long should it be? What kind of categories are we going to have? We knew we wanted to highlight some of our most interesting and exciting stories for newsletter subscribers who may have missed them on the site, and so "In the News", "The Week that Was" and "The Week Ahead" were born. Still, we wanted something more. Rather than highlight even more of our site's news and features, we decided that we should devote the newsletter to one of the greatest features of MMORPG.com. Its community.

The goal of our little weekly is to shine the spotlight on the fun, interesting, and always lively community that lives at MMORPG.com. There is, after all, so much fun to be had in simply talking to and sharing opinions with other people who share your interest in MMORPGs. "Member Spotlight", "Off The Boards", and "Letter to the Editor" were all created to shine the spotlight on you. With that in mind, I encourage you, as always, to be a contributing member of our community. Share your thoughts on both the items in each newsletter (handy links take you right to specially created threads) and your general MMORPG thoughts (in our many forums).

I hope that you enjoy our newsletter. We certainly enjoy bringing it to you each week.


Jon Wood, MMORPG.com News Manager

If you have something that you would like to say, either about the newsletter or about MMORPGs in general, write a letter to the editor at newsletter@mmorpg.com. Letters should be no more than 400 words in length. Each time that this feature appears, we will choose one for publication.

Game of the Week

Game of the week
Nevrax's The Saga of Ryzom bills itself as being "designed to appeal to existing online RPG gamers, providing the 'must have' combat, magic and crafting system that players have grown to expect." The game scored an overall of 7.0 from our reviewer in October of 2004, and currently stands at 8.0 from our readers. Recently, at the Austin Game Conference, our very own Dana Massey spoke to Jessica Mulligan, the game's Executive Producer. What do you think?

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Erik Hedges
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MMORPG.com Staff (Moderator)
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currently playing: WoW, GW

What is your favorite feature of MMORPGs?
PvP, if done right. I'm a pre UO:R UO vet and loved the PvP back then. However, I truly hate consensual PvP.

Something about MMOs that bugs you?
MMOs based on existing franchises (i.e. Starwars, LotR). They always let you down. Also, any mmo that is a sequel. MMO sequels are like movie sequels; they have the same formula, but a different look and usually provide mediocre enjoyment.

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Gamer to English Dictionary

An acronym (a word made up of the first letter of other words) for monsters or bosses. This refers to anything in the game that the players are meant to be able to attack (with the exception of other players).
Lore refers to the story of the game. Anything that helps players to understand the game world around them, generally, but not always in the context of the game's history. The most common form of game lore comes in the form of short stories and can generally be found on a game's official website, or in-game.

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