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MMORPG.com Newsletter Issue 02, November 28, 2005
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On November 21st (Monday), Rapid Reality, the makers of The Chronicle, announced exclusively on MMORPG.com that they had acquired MMOLands.com. With that acquisition, came both MMOLands’ portfolio of games, and the Aura Game Platform. The new engine will not only be used in future Rapid Reality projects, but will be incorporated into their game, The Chronicle, which was already in a progressed stage of development. This change will both change the look of the game and push back the beta and release dates. As a result, the company has offered pre-ordering customer a refund on the project. Read all about it, here.

On November 23rd (Wednesday), Blizzard Entertainment announced that their popular game, World of Warcraft, was celebrating its 1 year anniversary. While it may have been a given that this game would pass the 1 year mark, the real testament to the game’s staying power, is the continued support of millions of players worldwide. Get the whole scoop, here.

On November 24th (Thursday), MMORPG.com announced that it will be releasing a brand-new podcast. The show, titled “Game/On”, will be a first for the popular news site. It will feature news, discussion and interviews presented by the show’s hosts Matt McLean and MMORPG.com’s own Jon Wood. The show is slated to premier on the site on November 30th. To get the news, click here.
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Looking all the way back to September of 2004, Rickard Duffek gave us his impressions from the beta of a game that would go on to take the MMORPG world by storm. Looking back now at Duffek’s impressions of Blizzard’s game-in-beta, World of Warcraft, there were hints as to what was to come for the company that now boasts over 1 million subscribers in North America alone – over 4 million worldwide.

The preview itself was mostly positive, while still offering some personal criticisms of the game itself. Duffek looks at the unique and distict aspects of: Graphics, Sound, Gameplay, Customization, Community, Role-Playing, Fun and Value.

Some memorable quotes from Duffek's Preview:

  • Even though they're not my particular taste in graphics, I have to admit the graphics in World of Warcraft are extremely well done.
  • Even though they can get a bit repetitive at times, there are a lot of quests, and some of them are very nicely done and are a great story to follow.
  • I can see World of Warcraft being extremely fun for a LOT of people out there. It is an extremely well made game. It succeeds very well at what it's trying to do. Unfortunately, in my opinion it's not trying to do enough. It really brings nothing new to the table.
To read the full preview, Here.
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This week, I began our discussion in “Off the Boards” with the simple question: What do you think of advertising in MMORPGs. The responses that I received seemed to be only slightly varied. While no one really came out directly in favor of advertisements making their way into every MMORPG, there were some who felt that, given the correct circumstances, it could be done.

“Keep it out. MMORPG's are about bringing you to a different world with a community where you take the form of whatever you want within the limits of the game. If I am slaying a dragon I don't want to see a my reward brought to me by AFLAC, or Mt. Dew.” – Gunblade

“If it's within the context of the game, yes. If you got a mmo set in the future or in our time advertisements like Coca Cola, Nike and so on would fit.” - Phoenixs

“I don't have much of an issue with it, so long as it's contextual to the environment. Seeing a billboard add for an upcoming movie in [The Matrix Online] for example (which they have done for Constantine and Batman Returns if I remember correctly) is not that out of place for me and if it helps give the game some added income to re-funnel into development, all the better.” - Shae

“…the devs needs to give the players options. Something like full monthly fee means no ads, and partial/no monthly fee for those that don't mind ads. I don't see the benifit for players of games with ads that are charged full price and forced to see the ads.” – Pyros98

“In a vacuum, I dislike it, but in context for alternative revenue models to a standard subscription, I would support in-game advertising over developers selling in-game items/coin/advantages directly.” - Jorev

This thread began in response to The Matrix Online’s recent announcement that they would be placing real-word advertisements into their game. Interestingly enough, Conquer Online has recently come up with an interesting strategy that would both gain advertising revenue, and yet keep the advertisements away from gameplay. Have a look at the news item.

Next time, we will be asking for your input on another controversial issue. Keep an eye on the boards for a topic titled “Off the Boards”!

Game of the Week

Game of the week
One of the most unique games to grace our Games List, Second Life is not what you would call a standard MMORPG. Set in a world where people can be / look like / build, literally anything that can be imagined, it does not fall under the same format as classic MMORPGs. Laura Genender recently got the scoop from the AGC What do you think?

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