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Issue 98, October 15, 2007
In the news
Last week Perpetual Entertainment announced that Gods and Heroes would be put on "indefinite hold" citing the current state of the online gaming market, and a refocusing of Perpetual's resources to their other projects.

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EA Mythic closed down the Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning beta servers for two months, starting October 10th. They say the reason for the shut down is so they can make major improvements to the game and to add polish and new content. The beta will return in early December.

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EA has announced that they have come to an agreement that would see them acquiring VG Holding Corp., the owner of Bioware and Pandemic Studios.

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Blog Spotlight

Each week, Community Manager Laura Genender takes a look at one of the blogs. This week, she looks as a mock-ad about Restless Finger Syndrome.

This week's entry was written in a serious tone - it's an advertisement for the Zen of Standing Still, a cure to the Restless Fingers Syndrome. "Do your fingers bother you?" The mock ad begins, "Do you find it hard to keep from pressing the movement keys? Maybe you just can't help yourself when that stray mob passes by while you are supposed to be waiting for the rest of your group to assemble to enter a dungeon. If you have ever experienced any of these symptoms you may be suffering from Restless Finger Syndrome."

Following the introduction is a mock player testimonial given by Newton and Hardcore, the two personas Jesad uses to express his points in his blog.

States Newton, "I don't know what happened. One moment we were just standing there and the next thing I know we were getting clobbered by these huge big ugly things! I told the rest of the team that it wasn't me but the truth of the matter was, I just couldn't control myself!"

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Featured Article: Warhammer Dev Chat

Last week we held a dev chat with the Warhammer Online Dev Team. The chat was a great success and we were pleased with the level of response from the community. malfeasin :asks: Are instances only going to be used in RVR, or are there PVE instances as well, and more importantly, will there be an emphasis on open world dungeon adventuring in PVE? Yay open world dungeons!

[WAR]EAMythic_Josh: The VAST majority of instances will be RvR-related. However, in dungeons you'll have single-group boss encounters as well as "final" multi-group instances to tackle.

[WAR]EAMythic_Josh: but those are limited to the bosses RWP :asks: Character Customization is a BIG thing for me in MMOs, what are you doing to make sure players can give their characters unique looks to their characters and make them match their personal feel? Not just in faces etc but in armor as well. No one likes looking the same as every other bugger out there!

[WAR]EAMythic_Justin: We're putting in several ways to make player's stand out ...

[WAR]EAMythic_Justin: one way is to allow players to attach trophies to their armor, another is to allow dyeing of armor

[WAR]EAMythic_Justin: with those and the alrhe number of armor sets we have planeed... players will be able to cultivate some very exiting looks

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Community Manager, Laura Genender was recently invited to San Francisco to attend Sony Online Entertainment's "Step Into Fall" event where she got a chance to have a first hand look at the upcoming expansion for EverQuest II: Rise of Kunark.

The landscape is very different from the original EQ Timorous Deep - one of the first things Akil pointed out to me was a shard of Luclin (the exploded moon) spiking out of the water. One of the few recognizable POIs was the flooded volcano, where original EQ clerics and druids came to work on their Epic 1.0s.

If you're an EverQuest player, the name "Kunark" is familiar; Kunark previously appeared in EverQuest I, both as the first expansion (Ruins of Kunark) and the 4th continent.

New zones and races are not the only additions with RoK - as mentioned above the level cap is raised to 80, and there are plenty other character changes besides that.

Perhaps even more exciting, though, is the addition of epic weapon quests. Players will start their epics around level 80. Each class has 2 epic choices: one is a group version, the other (more powerful) is a raid version.

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The Week that Was
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Wednesday, October 10
Joe's World... of Warcraft: Keeping the Wow in WoW: Seasonal Questing

Thursday, October 11
City of Heroes Issue 11 - Standing Apart in a Crowd: Weapon Customization

Friday, October 12
A Look at Legends of Norrath
Did You Know?
Did you know, last week Dark Age of Camelot, the game that coined the term "Realm vs Realm" celebrated its 6th anniversary.
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