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Issue 94, September 17, 2007
In the news
Last week Adam Carpenter, Lead Designer for Fury announced they would no longer be using the term "Realm vs. Realm" in Fury as the phrase has been trademarked by Mythic Entertainment. This caused a bit of a stir as many people believed this was a generic term common throughout the MMO genre.

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It turns out that "The Defuser" who recently won the reality program "Who Wants To Be A Superhero?" is also a long time player of City of Heroes. Congratulations to the Defuser, and to heroes everywhere.

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"Make Love, Not Warcraft," the episode of South Park which partially takes place in World of Warcraft, and features scenes from WoW, won an Emmy last week for Outstanding Animated Program (for Programming Less Than One Hour).

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Blog Spotlight

In his most recent blog post here on, blogger Lord_Vayde gives his opinion on the inherent futility of raiding to get bigger and better gear, and reach a new level cap, just to have the cap increased and your gear made obsolete by the next expansion.

With The Burning Crusade, we were introduced to plenty of new dungeon content with lower caps on the numbers needed to raid, but Blizzard still couldn't get out of this "Progression" ditch. So now, not only were we still stuck dungeon-grinding only to dungeon-grind some more (without being given choices in which dungeon we -were- grinding), all the work spent doing that dungeon grinding at level 60 was tossed out the window at sight of the first quest green.

...and it's happening, yet again, with Wrath of the Lich King. Yes, Blizzard has stated that we can expect the itemization from 70-80 to be a similar comparative power increase as we saw going from 60-70. Well, if 200 spell damage was godly at 60, and my character who hasn't touched an epic from anything post-Karazhan has 1.2k at bet is we'll all be running around with 40k hp and +5k spell damage after the first or second ten-man instance in Northrend. Call me a cynic, I call it a history lesson.

The point I'm really trying to get at with all my incessant bitching is that this idea of farming a single instance only to gear up for another one is wrong, and raising the level cap to make all the work spent doing that obsolete with gear obtained through solo play is even worse.

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On-Site: Podcast
This week on Game/On,'s weekly podcast, co-hosts Jon Wood and Keith Cross talk about their recent trip to Austin to cover the Austin Game Developer's Conference, and the rise in the number of quality sci-fi MMO titles that are currently in Development.

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Last week our Hardware Guru Jeremy Star had the chance to play with the Razer Tarantula gaming keyboard, and write a review about it. Here's a sampling of his observations.

The whole thing looks very sharp for exactly five minutes after you take it out of the package, at which point all the dust in the surrounding environment will immediately attach itself to the keyboard and make it look dirty no matter how often you clean it. Also, fingerprints show up incredibly well on the shiny plastic, and are equally impossible to stave off.

The keys not only look like laptop keys, but they feel like them as well - a much shorter depress and much less resistance than a normal keyboard.

If you absolutely have to have a desktop covered with nothing but Razer products, this is for you. If you need to brag to others about how much you spent on your keyboard, or if you need the added desktop bling, this is for you.

Pretty much everyone else can get more keyboard for less from another company.

Read the full review here.

The Week that Was
Monday, September 10
Lord of the Rings Online: Interview with Jeff Anderson

Tuesday, September 11
Fallen Earth: Lee Hammock Interview

Wednesday, September 12
Sword of the New World: Interview with Peter Cesario

Thursday, September 13
Tabula Rasa: Sarah Morrison Backstory

Friday, September 14
Tabula Rasa: LOGOS Academy Event Video
Did You Know?
To win their second Emmy, South Park beat several other popular animated series such as: The Simpsons, Robot Chicken, Spongbob Squarepants, and Avatar: The Last Airbender.
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