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Issue 93, Sept 10, 2007
In the news
On the opening day of the Austin Game developer's Conference, Richard Garriot held a special pre-launch event at his house, where he announced that the launch date for Tabula Rasa will be October 19th, 2007.

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"Ben X" the Belgian film which features scenes from Archlord has won several awards at the Montreal Film Festival, including the Public Award for the most popular film of the Festival.

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Last week the team was in Austin, Texas to attend the Austin Game Developer's Conference. We've already posted a number of articles and videos from the event, and you can look forward to more of our continuing coverage in the coming week.

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Blog Spotlight

In this week's Blog Spotlight we take a look at the blog of vknid, who has been playing the Tabula Rasa beta and has recently expressed his opinions on the game as it currently stands.

Tons of gun, if you don't like guns/lasers, this isn't the game for you. I don't think you will see a Staff or Sword until one of the last specialization tiers. For some that's a welcome change, and for others, a real downer. Just realize that fact before you buy the game.

The Gear in the game is, interesting. You have several armor types, that are unlocked as you advance in your Tier of choice. In fact there are 7 different types of armor you can choose from (Tier restricted of course). Motor Assist, Reflective, Hazmat, Gravatron, Stealth, Mech and Bio armor. I haven't been able to see and play around with many of them, but so far, I can't tell the difference between any of them (aesthetically speaking of course). It could just be my graphics are so low that it all just gets mushed together and "looks" the same as the next set of armor. For the most part, when your strolling down the road, you really can't tell a soldier from a specialist. Does it really matter? Nah.. but you will all look the same!

The cloning aspect is a nice touch. I really like the idea of not having to start the game over just to try a new "class" if I wanted. Plus you get a ton of Char slots.. it's like 16 (Might be less since I can't remember how many exactly) slots to play around with.

You can read the entire blog here.

On-Site: AGDC Videos
The Game/On boys took the week off from podcasting this week because they were busy attending the Austin Game Developers Conference. So in lieu of a podcast, we're bring you a flood of videos, interviews, and images to satisfy your gaming curiosity. And check back often as the tide of videos is still coming in.

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This week's game of the week is Jumpgate: Evolution, an updated version of the original Jumpgate, but with improved AI and gameplay, and of course, a stunning graphics update.

The folks at NetDevil earned this week's position as game of the week with the demonstration they put on for staff at the Austin Game Developer's Conference. While we were in awe of the graphics and AI behavior, they commented on how they had received a number of emails from fans, scolding them for touching up and altering their screenshots, because what they were releasing looked too good to be true.

It turns out that disbelief is one of the highest compliments that one can pay to a game developer, because it turns out that the game really does look that good.

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The Week that Was
Monday, September 3
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Tuesday, September 4
PAX Interview: Fury

Wednesday, September 5
AGDC: Community Influencers

Thursday, September 6
World of Warcraft: AGDC Keynote: How to Rule the World...

Friday, September 7
Lego Online: A Talk With NetDevil
Did You Know?
This week's game of the week is Jumpgate: Evolution, which is an improved version of the original Jumpgate which launched 6 years ago this month, back in the September of 2001.
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