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Issue 92, September 3rd, 2007
In the news
Friday was the last day in the life of Auto Assault, and the folks at NetDevil have posted a few parting words for the game's remaining fans, including word of "parting gifts" for those who stuck with the game to the end. Goodbye Auto Assault, and may you have a million subs in the MMO afterlife.

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NCsoft and ArenaNet announced the launch of Eye of the North, the first official expansion for Guild Wars. EotN is the first expansion in the Guild Wars franchise, following three compatible stand-alone titles.

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Ultima Online's new facelift is now available for download. Ultima Online: Kingdom Reborn sports improved graphics, new interface, and an updated player experience.

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Blog Spotlight Blog User Heerobya offers "random thoughts about MMORPGs. A bit of critique, suggestion, debate, and insanity." In his most recent blogs he describes the elements that would make his ideal MMO.

Character creation and customization. I'll be using this to describe the options available at character creation and systems in place to further customize your character in game as you play. Again, this is for my "ideal" MMORPG I have in my head, being that I do not work for a development company.

The number of races available to a player is important. You want a wide variety of options to chose from. That being said, I consider racial choice to be an asthetic feature rather then a gameplay one. I don't think differnet races should have different abilities or stats or access to different careers or skill sets. I believe racial choice should be a choice based off of how you want your character to look and interact with the world, rather then fall into the "have" and "have nots" of other games.

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On-Site: Game/On
This week on Game/On,'s weekly podcast, co-hosts Jon Wood and Keith Cross talk about Jon's recent trip to the Games Convention in Leipzig, Germany, and discuss differences in how sex and violence in games are treated in different cultures.

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This week's game of the week is Richard Garriott's Tabula Rasa, a game where you play one of the last remaining humans fighting in an intergalactic war against a ruthless xenophobic enemy bent on galactic domination.

Tabula Rasa features fast paced action as well as Richard Garriott's trademark attention to detail with the logos system, and ethical parables to challenge players with complex problems.

This week the team will be in Austin for the AGDC where we'll be covering Tabula Rasa, as well as many other MMO games.

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The Week that Was
Monday, August 27
Video Interview with Eve Associate Producer Arend Stuhrmann

Tuesday, August 28
Zu Online Interview

Wednesday, August 29
The Agency Matt Wilson Video Interview

Thursday, August 30
Vanguard: Saga of Heroes: Darrin McPherson Video Interview

Friday, August 31
Stargate Worlds World Q&A: Tollana
Did You Know?
This week the team will be in Austin, Texas to cover the Austin Game Developers Conference, Look for our coverage over the coming weeks.
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