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Issue 91, August 27, 2007
In the news
Sony Online Entertainment announced at the Leipzig Games Convention that they are looking at a free to play business model for their upcoming action-espionage MMO, The Agency.

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Last week at the Games Convention in Leipzig, Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures has won 'Best Online Game of the Show'. Congratulations to Funcom and the Age of Conan Team.

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There was one story which garnered a fair amount of attention on Friday night, when Jon Wood reported from the Games Convention in Leipzig that characters in Age of Conan would receive a buff from engaging in sexual intercourse.

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Blog Spotlight

Last week Jon Wood and Evan Wilkinson were in Germany for the Games Convention in Leipzig. While there, they took tome out from the hectic pace convention to blog about their experiences and observations, as well as all of the MMOs that were present at the event.

With that in mind, I noticed something else that struck me as odd. Not in a bad way, just not the same as it is at home. While they've got women running around, well standing around, partially naked, there are some booths that are blocked off and are 18 and up only. Those ones have the violent games in them. Kinda reversed from what you'd see in North America. Other cultures are cool.

I had a number of great interviews today. The first was with Emergent Game Technologies. They make the Gamebryo game Engine, which has been used in a number of MMOs, including Warhammer Online. I opted to do that one as a podcast because he talked about what exactly a game engine was and how they differ from one another. It's actually quite an interesting listen if you've ever wondered what an engine really does.

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On-Site: Leipzig Podcast
This week on's Game/On, co-host Jon Wood is in Leipzig where he had a chance to speak with John Goodale, the Vice president of marketing and Business Development for Emergent Game Technologies, the people who created the game engine, Gamebryo, currently being used in many MMORPGs, including EA Mythic's Warhammer Online.

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This week's Game of the Week is Guild Wars. The game, rated one of the top MMORPGs by the users here at, has enjoyed great success in North America and beyond.

Last week, ArenaNet and NCsoft announced that they had reached the 4 million units sold mark. This week, on Friday August 31st, the first true expansion to Guild Wars is scheduled for launch. But Eye of the North is only the beginning, as the story of the expansion will prepare players for Guild Wars 2, the sequel which will take place in the game's future.

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The Week that Was
Monday, Aygust 20
Bounty Bay Online Introductory Q&A

Tuesday, Aygust 21
Fury Challenge: Interview with Michael Hampden

Wednesday, Aygust 22
World of Warcraft: Opinion: Wrath of the Lich King

Thursday, Aygust 23
WAR: Elves Presentation + Lighting

Friday, Aygust 24
Guild Wars: Jeff Strain Video Interview
Did You Know?
The Games Convention in Leipzig has come to a close and the final tally shows that this year's event was bigger than last year's event with 185,000 visitors, and 503 exhibitors, increasing from 183,000 and 374 in 2006.
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