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Issue 89, August 13, 2007
In the news
On Friday, Funcom announced some sad but not entirely unexpected news for fans eagerly awaiting the release Age of Conan; the release date for Age of Conan has been pushed back again. The game which was originally set for release in the second half of 2007 now has a new release date of March 25th 2008.

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Last week, Turbine released new details about the next major content update for Lord of the Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar. Book 10: The City of the Kings will feature numerous improvements to the monster play system including the ability to login directly as your monster play character, Monster Tribes (the equivalent of Kinships), monster consumables, some monster class improvements, and the ability to play as a Troll or a Ranger.

Read more about The City of the Kings here.
SOE and Virgin Comics announced last week that they will be teaming up to create an MMO based on the Ramayan 3392 A.D. comic book universe.

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Blog Spotlight

Since we launched blogs here at, we have been constantly impressed by the variety of subjets that our users are discussing. Recently, I was reading the blog by Artemis titled, "My MMO Design Blog". Artemis is using his blog space to discuss various aspects of MMORPG feature design. Here's a small sample:

  • As my focus on the game is to make one that is as dynamic, and not static, as possible I was thinking about npc AI (none player character artificial intelligence).
  • In my days playing wow (i still do) I always thought the guild system was lacking in depth. I know the saying KISS (keep it simple stupid) may spring to mind but at the end of the day what do guilds get out of all their hard work? Especially the leaders to keep the guild together. Nothing usually. Considering keeping guildies happy helps to keep the players paying their subscriptions I feel they deserve better than nothing.
  • I think its imperative in next gen mmo's that player owned shops. Yes i know thats nothing new but im pretty sure it can be expanded on and made more interesting. Honestly, im not even sure how games with player run shops work, and i will check it out in the future but.....

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On-Site: Game/On
This week on Game/On, co-hosts Keith Cross and Jon Wood discuss a number of topics, including several recently announced game expansions, Age of Conan's recent delays, and the anticipation factor of waiting for the next big game.

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This week, staff writer Adele Caelia penned a review of Sword of the new world, the successful Korean game that hopes to make waves in the North American market. Here's a sampling of what she had to say:

The game, while lacking in customization of hair, face, and body is, to say the least, very pretty.

Each time I had an issue it was answered quickly and promptly by customer service. They were very polite and willing to help with any problems that I had.

The MCC gives players the ability to create their own family or, in other words, their own group.

Read The Sword of the New World review here, More reviews can be found on our site here
The Week that Was
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Wednesday, August 8
2Moons: An Interview with Rusel DeMaria

Thursday, August 9
The Matrix Online Fan Faire Player Panel

Friday, August 10
Guild Wars Region Profile: Rata Sum
Did You Know?
The Leipzig Game Convention, which is being held from the 23rd to the 26th of this month drew in 183.000 visitors last year, and promises to be even larger this year. will be there, so keep an eye on the site for articles and other reports from the show.
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