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Issue 88, August 6, 2007
In the news
Last week, Blizzard confirmed rumors that the second expansion for World of Warcraft would be titled Wrath of the Lich King. Wrath of the Lich King will include many new features such as the Death Knight hero class, siege weapons and destructible buildings, an increased level cap, and more.

Read the announcement here.
Lord of the Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar made it to the short list in five categories for the Golden Joystick Awards, including nominations for Online Game of the Year, PC Game of the Year, and Ultimate Game of the Year.

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Here at we unveiled our new and improved game list, giving users the ability to create and share their own custom lists, as well as being nicer looking, easier to use, and full of more information than ever before.

Read an overview of the new features here.
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Blog Spotlight

This week the Blog Spotlight is aimed at user Neschria and her blog entry about waning interest in MMOs that meanders in a number of interesting directions.

I haven't been logging in very much and I haven't been participating in any thoughtful, meaningful way on the forums, so I have dropped to 3-stars, down from 5. Oh, well. It's not like I was getting paid a rate that depended on the number of stars I had under my name. It's not like I was getting paid at all.

MMORPGs have become a sore subject in our household here. I am still interested in what's going on out there, but my husband doesn't want to talk about it at all. I can't tell if this is because he's jonesing hardcore for EQ or if he's one of those people who quits playing online games and then gets bitter about having played at all. I've tried to figure out which he is, but he REALLY doesn't want to talk about it.

He does have a bit of a pride thing going-- he got voted out of the guild he'd joined and he said he was quitting for good, and he hasn't played since then at all. He said at one point that he felt good about that. This doesn't mean that he doesn't want to play though, does it? He might be in conflict between his desire to play and his desire to not be that guy. You know that guy-- the one that goes storming off and says he won't be back, but then you see him online a couple of months later, being all sheepish about the earlier events or pretending that nothing ever happened at all.

You can read the entire blog here.
On-Site: Game/On
This week on Game/On, co-hosts Keith Cross and Jon Wood discuss their views on perma death and ways to integrate this concept into an MMO without alienating the game's core audience.

Check out the podcast here.

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While a review of a mouse pad might not sound like something you need to read, hardware reviewer Jeremy Star was pleasantly surprised by his experience with the Razer eXactMat with eXactRest and thinks you might be too!

It has two surfaces: a rough one for control, and a smooth one for speed. Both are anti-reflective, non-slip, and abrasion resistant.

Have I mentioned the eXactMat is large? At a little over a foot long and about 10 ½ inches tall, this is not your average sized mousing surface.

When I first set my mouse down on the surface, I was thinking that people must be insane to want to spend this kind of money on a mouse pad! After five minutes, I was thinking I am an idiot, I should have tried this a long time ago!

More reviews can be found on our site here
The Week that Was
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38 Studios An Interview with Brett Close

Tuesday, July 31
# Hardware Review: Razer eXactMat with eXactRest

Wednesday, August 1
Zu Online Soundtrack Samples

Thursday, August 2
Exploring Gaming Addiction

Friday, August 3
Lord of the Rings Online Interview with Jeffrey Steefel
Did You Know?
World of Warcraft, which announced their second expansion last week, recently topped the 9 million subscriber mark. To put that in perspective, according to U.S. Census Bureau, in 2005 New York City had an estimated population of just over 8 million.
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