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Issue 87, July 30, 2007
In the news
Blizzard announced last week that World of Warcraft has reached a new subscriber milestone: 9 million subscribers worldwide.

Read the announcement here.
EA Mythic has announced last week that their ranks have swelled to 300,000 players who have signed up for the Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning beta.

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Linden Labs has announced last week that there will no longer be any gambling activities allowed in Second Life, citing the need for compliance with real world laws.

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Blog Spotlight

In Blog User LordDarkmist's blog "It's All Fun in Games" he attemps to disect the elements of the MMO genre. In a recent entry he describes his views on what is needed to build a good community.

There's 3 things needed for a community to interact: Downtime, Reason to Interact, and Tools for Interaction...( By the way, every time I think about community interaction, my mind always go back to the many elements that attempts to promote player interaction in City of Heroes a.k.a. COH . So I'm going to be using examples from City of Heroes a lot.)

You can read the blog here.

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On-Site: Podcast
This week on Game/On, co-hosts Keith Cross and Jon Wood interview Michael Hampden of Auran about Fury and their big beta weekend.

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This week's games of the week are City of Heroes / Villains.

Cryptic Studios recently launched Invasion, the 10th free expansion for the City of... franchise. The new story arc focuses on the return of the Rikti and their plans to conquer the Earth, but also sports other features including new missions and some improved graphics.

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The Week that Was
Monday, July 23
Pirates of the Burning Sea: E3 Update

Tuesday, July 24
The Agency: E3 Progress Report

Wednesday, July 25
Lord of the Rings Online: E3 Update

Thursday, July 26
Warhammer Online: Dwarf Starting Area Description

Friday, July 27
Warhammer Online: Greenskin Starting Area Description
Did You Know?
World of Warcraft reached another major milestone last week by achieving 9 million subscribers. Did you know that the original Warcraft RTS, Warcraft: Orcs and Humans was released back in 1994. World of Warcraft was launched in 2004, marking the 10 year anniversary of the series.
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