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Issue 86, July 23, 2007
In the news
EA Mythic released their June assets for Warhammer Online last week. Included in the assets are a class overview for the Knight of the Blazing Sun, an overview of the player armies, a beta journal, and more.

See the assets here.
The folks over at EverQuest 2 announced that they have added a new server-side spam filtering tool to help reduce the number of spam messages that players receive while they play.

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The Star Wars Galaxies official site was updated with the announcement of the names of the newly chosen Galactic Senate.

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Blog Spotlight Blog User ivan50265 recently wrote an interesting entry about WoW Clones, and the recent upsurge in people making that claim against new MMOs. Essentially, ivan50265 feels that there really aren't any WoW Clones and goes on to disect the argument:

It's a WoW Clone because of it's fantasy theme.

Wrong. Actually the fantasy setting for many of the fantsay mmo's as well as pen and paper games came from or were heavily inspired by Tolkein's books. So I guess that makes most fantasy mmo's retroactively LOTRO clones.

You can read the blog here.

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On-Site: Game/On
This week on's Game/On, co-hosts Keith Cross and Jon Wood discuss the idea of innovation in MMORPGs, and the "WoW clone" phenomenon. Stay tuned until the very end; you'll be glad you did.

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This week's game of the week is the Cronicles of Spellborn.

The Chronicles of Spellborn is an MMORPG that looks to take a bit of a different angle on the Fantasy genre. It is set on a world that has been blown apart and exists now only as a collection of shards in a storm. With a unique combat system and approach to PvP and gear, this game promises to deliver something different.

Managing Editor Jon Wood traveled to The Netherlands to visit the studios and filed a number of articles:

Learn more about The Cronicles of Spellborn, here, or check out our game list here.
The Week that Was
Monday, July 16
Age of Conan: E3 Preview

Tuesday, July 17
Fury: E3 Update

Wednesday, July 18
Vanguard: Saga of Heroes: E3 Update

Thursday, July 19
EverQuest II: E3 Update

Friday, July 20
Gods and Heroes: E3 Update
Did You Know?
This year's E3 event was scaled back to more of a buisness conference rather than the promotional spectacle of years past. The first E3 was held in Los Angeles from May 11 to May 13 in 1995.
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