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Issue 85, July 16, 2007
In the news
Sony Computer Entertainment and NCsoft announced last week in a press release that they have signed a deal that will have NCsoft making several online games for the PS3 and PSP platforms. No titles were named in the release but the games will be both from existing and new intellectual properties.

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Star Wars Galaxies is now accepting nominations for the Galactic Senate. Senators representing various aspects of the game will be able to propose and vote on senate legislation as well as request a redress of issues by the development team.

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The folks over at Blizzard announced last week that they would be making a few changes to the mail system in World of Warcraft. The stated purpose of these changes is to help protect the game's economy.

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Attention Video Game Players!
We are excited to inform you about a new book called "The Battle for Azeroth". Dedicated World of Warcraft fans and casual observers alike will enjoy this incredible book that peeks into the best selling game. Learn about the outstanding game design and histories of many of the main characters.

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Blog Spotlight blogger Jimmy_Scythe recently added an interesting post to his blog. The title says it all: I'm Killing the Video Game Industry!! Ask Me How...... In it, he talks about an article that he read recently and the ways that he is, apparently, hurting the Video Game Industry. Here's an example:

1. I never purchase at launch - This mostly applies to consoles and MMORPGs. In the case of consoles, the price will probably go down in a year or two and by then I'll be able to browse the game library to see if it's worth my time. The Wii and the DS were exceptions to this rule since they were both cheap enough that it didn't really matter. With MMORPGs, I want a trial. I don't want to pay for the trial. I require seven to fourteen days to decide if I want to invest any more money in the game. Most MMORPGs don't offer trials until after the first year.

You can read the blog here.
On-Site: E3 Coverage
Last week staff writer Carolyn Koh was at E3, bringing us the latest news from the event. Check out our E3 coverage:

Dungeon Runners, Guild Wars, Tabula Rasa, Age of Conan.
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This week we take a look back at a recent review of Lord of the Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar writen by staff writer Donna Desborough.

The Tolkien Estate has given Turbine the ability and rights to make the game and to add their own pieces to that timeless story.

The quest system as a whole is rather good. Even though it carries the same stigma as other MMOs, you'll find the stories associated with them a little more engaging.

Unlike regular quests, which are assigned to you by NPCs, these deed quests are assigned to you based on your actions in the game.

The combat system within LotRO isn't unique, but it is easy to understand.

One thing that the EU servers have over the US ones is the specific official roleplay servers.

Read the entire review here
The Week that Was
Monday, July 9
Aion: Clothing Video

Tuesday, July 10
Jumpgate: Evolution - An Interview With Hermann Peterscheck

Wednesday, July 11
Sword of the New World: First Look Preview

Thursday, July 12
Tabula Rasa: E3 Preview

Friday, July 13
Dungeon Runners: E3 Overview
Did you Know?
Among the numerous departures from the format of previous E3s, this years E3 was held at a number of different locations, as opposed to being held at a convention centre. Keep an eye out for continuing coverage of this year's E3 here at
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