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Issue 81, June 18, 2007
In the news
CCP announced details last week of the upcoming Revelations II free expansion for EVE Online, and also revealed the release date of June 19th.

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This week Cryptic Studios announced the 10th expansion for City of Heroes / Villains. Issue 10: Invasion sees the return to Earth of the Rikti, a group of aliens intent on conquering our little blue world.

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Rounding out the trio of content expansions announced last week is Book 9: The Shores of Evendim, the first such update for Lord of the Rings Online which went live last Wednesday.

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Blog Spotlight

As you may or may not know by now, recently launched a new Blog Section. This will allow members their own space to share their thoughts on MMORPGs and anything else on their minds.

In this week's newsletter, we wanted to share a few of them with you:

Paragus1, one of our most prolific bloggers has a recent entry about Unfinished MMOs:

"In light of some of the recent games in the MMO genre, I just want to take some time out to rant about "Unfinished MMOs". Now don't get me wrong here, I understand that no MMO is ever really "finished", but there is a big difference between being "finished" and being in an "Acceptable Retail" version."

Read the whole blog entry here. member Vajuras writes an entry about "Appealing to the Hardcore PvP Crowd":

"What happens to any MMO that adds PvP? Their forums are aflame with balance issues. PvPers want balance. They want to know they lost a fight due to player skill. However, it really isn't about player skill per se in RPGs, its about their character. Problem is- even their character is not on equal footing with others. The current system we have in place caters to farming for loot. You can take almost any MMO and they are all extreme vertical progression. Thus, pvpers have to grind in order to be competitive with each other. The only game I have seen break this mold is Guild Wars. In Guild Wars you can create a max level toon and from that point all progression is linear. This is a great feature for PVPers and I hope we see more games that sort of follow in their vein."

Read the blog entry here.

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On-Site: Game/On

This week on Game/On co-hosts Jon Wood and Keith Cross discuss the saturation of the MMO market with fantasy titles, and the recent announcements of several MMOs based in a more contemporary setting. They also talk about their experiences playing Lord of the Rings Online.

Check out the Podcast here.

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In this week's review, Carolyn Koh takes a look at The Microsoft Habu, a mouse that came out of a collaboration between Microsoft and Razer.

  • Designed for the right hand, the Habu has a pleasant smooth textured feel and large rubber coated buttons which provide good friction-contact. Sweaty or cheeto-oil laden hands won't slip off this mouse easily.
  • The Razer control panel is a doddle to use, making the programming of the Habu a piece of cake.
  • The "Always On" feature is great for MMORPG applications and I particularly like the idea of the changeable thumb button plates and the convenience of the on-board mouse profiles for different games as well.
  • For features alone, I would definitely recommend the Habu, and it is easily recognized as one of the top gaming mice on the market at this time.

  • You can read the whole review here.
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    The Week that Was
    Monday, June 11
    The Agency Announced

    Tuesday, June 12
    CCP Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary

    Wednesday, June 13
    A Chat with Omni Interactive Audio

    Thursday, June14
    An Interview with Microsoft

    Friday, June15
    The Microsoft Habu
    Did you know...

    The story and background for The Chronicles of Spellborn, an MMORPG being developed in The Netherlands by Spellborn International, originated from a personal pen and paper game. TCoS is a fantasy genre game that is set in a world that has exploded and where people live on shards of the old world floating in an enormous space-storm.

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