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Issue 80, June 11, 2007
In the news
Lego Universe was unveiled as the title for the upcoming Lego MMO from NetDevil. The game will be oriented toward a younger audience and is set for release in the fourth quarter of 2008.

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CCP announced in the New York Times that they will be forming an oversight committee made up of elected representatives chosen by the EVE Online community, in a creative attempt to repair their bruised reputaion and provide transparency.

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The Star Wars Galaxies house pack-up event that had originally been postponed until June 12 was once again pushed back to an unspecified date because of stability issues.

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Archived Review: EVE Online
EVE Online has made a few headlines this week and caused heated debate among its fans. In light of the current drama around the game, it's interesting to travel back to 2004 and see what we thought of this highly rated game.

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On-Site: Podcast and Blogs

This week on Game/On, Jon Wood sits down with the guys from Rapid Reality to talk about their new MMORPG, Phylon Online.

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Last week, launched a new feature. As of now, anyone with a free account can create their own blogs. If you want to check it out, visit our blog space.

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This week's Game of the Week is The Agency. Officially announced on June 11th, this newest offering from Sony Online Entertainment will tackle the spy genre in MMORPGs. Players will have the choice of being either a more stealthy spy-type character or a tear-'em-up shoot first, ask questions later mercenary. So early after the announcement, it's hard to say exactly how this game will turn out, but will continue to cover this game as it progresses toward launch.

Learn more about The Agency, here, or check out our game list here.
The Week that Was
Monday, June 4
Preview: Tabula Rasa

Tuesday, June 5
Preview: Hero's Journey

Wednesday, June 6
Phylon: Interview with DJ Cassel and Tracy Spaight

Thursday, June 7
World of Warcraft: Exploring the Black Temple Patch

Friday, June 8
The Chronicles of Spellborn: Part Four: Races and Classes
Did you know?
Kids around the world have been exercising their imaginations and having fun with Lego since the 1930s. Did you know that you can assemble six eight-stud Lego bricks in 915,103,765 ways. Lego is set to enter the world of MMOs in 2008.
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