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MMORPG.com Newsletter Issue 34, July 10th, 2006
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Mythic Entertainment, the makers of the popular MMORPG, Dark Age of Camelot, has been in the news quite often recently, since the announcement that they will be purchased by EA games. There is more going on that that, however, with the popular MMO company. On July 6th, Mythic announced the plans for celebrating the five year anniversary of Dark Age of Camelot.

Read the news item, here.

On July 2nd, Bruce “SirBruce” Woodcock updated his site MMOCharts.com. MMOCharts is a website that is dedicated to MMORPG subscription tracking. The news this time was that Auto Assault, the driving MMORPG from NCSoft, is placed at just above 10,000 subscribers.

You can read the release here.

Cabal Online has announced that the figures for their open beta have been exceptionally high. According to their press release, the game has over 40,000 players currently testing. The game is classified as a Korean MMORPG with a westernized feel.

You can read about it, here.

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Risk Your Life: Review

This week, in our reviews section, I thought it might be interesting to take a look into our library and find out what game has had the unenviable distinction of pulling in the lowest rating from any of our reviewers. My investigation took me all the way back to September of 2005, when Steve Wilson took a look at the game Risk Your Life. The game rated at only a 4.3 for Wilson, with low marks of 1/10 in the categories of Role-Playing and Community.

Here are some interesting quotes from Wilson’s review:

  • “Play To Win $1 Million Dollars.” The posters and box art for R.Y.L Path of the Emperor scream this out boldly.
  • The game itself starts with a webpage with links for setting up an account and other options. One nice feature is being able to a list of GMs logged in and on duty.
  • The art direction in RYL is uninspiring as well. The graphics for the most part look as if they copied it from any number of anime style films.
  • While the website and box boast of hundreds of quests, they are in reality spread so thinly throughout the game as to be barely worth mentioning.
  • The skills seem interesting at first just like combat, but there is nothing innovating or exciting about any of them.
  • The community of RYL is also one of the worst ones I have ever witnessed. Think about the amount of cheating, grief and strife that occurs in a normal game where some players compete against each other for gold coins that might yield ten dollars in an offsite auction. Now imagine all that immoral energy directed to a $1 million prize.
  • Ultimately [ the $1 million prize] is the only reason that anyone could have justified playing such a sub par and completely painful game. Then they took that away.

It should be noted though, that while Wilson rated the game a dismal 4.3, our readers have been far mroe kind and accepting, placing the game at a respectable 7.1.

You can read the full preview here.

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Game/On, Contest and Conference

This week on Game/On, Dana Massey sits down with Kelly "Ophelea" Heckman, the Online Community Manager for Tulga Games' game, Horizons. The pair talk about the direction of the game, and what we can expect with some of the new things that they are doing.

Next week, Garrett Fuller and Jon Wood return to discuss all things MMORPG.com

Remember to check the Game/On Homepage every Friday for new content!

MMORPG.com is pleased to announce our second great contest for the month of July! From now until August 6, 2006 you can enter to win 1 of 10 Zboard FANG gaming keyboards. These cool and sleek keypads were originally designed for the US Military and were recently declassified for public use!

As with all of our contests, the more days you login to MMORPG.com during the contest, the better your chances of winning! (see official rules for details).

Learn more about it, here.

Recently, the folks from the upcoming Austin Game Conference sent out a press release detailing some of the events, as well as a very large list of speakers. A few of the names of note for MMORPG fans include: Raph Koster, John Smedley, Sanya (Thomas) Weathers and Sean Dahlberg.

MMORPG.com will be attending that conference in September, and will bring you everything that happens on-site.

Game of the Week

Game of the week

This week's Game of the Week is Pirates of the Caribbean Online.

With many people flooding to the theatres to see the second of the Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy of movies, it seems an appropriate time to take a quick look at the MMORPG version. Being developed by Disney Online’s VR Studio.

From the few screenshots that we have seen, the game has more of the look of a Disney cartoon, than the high-seas, special effects extravaganza that fans are used to from the Johnny Depp version.

Here’s what the company is saying about the game:

In Pirates of the Caribbean Online, a massively-multiplayer online game for the PC platform, you, alongside thousands of other players, will be able to experience the adventure of the films and explore beyond these boundaries to discover new myths and untold stories. Forge alliances, hunt for buried treasure, battle evil undead forces, and use cunning and strategy to outwit your foes – all to become the most legendary pirate on the high seas.

You can read more about Pirates of the Carribean Online, click here.

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