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MMORPG.com Newsletter Issue 33, July 3rd, 2006
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On June 27th, current Mythic Entertinament CEO, Mark Jacobs, spoke out to fans of Dark Age of Camelot about the upcoming acquisition of that company by software giant, EA Games. Jacobs attempts to allay player fears by stating that, even with the acquisition, there are no current plans to have DAoC go away.

Read the news item, here.

Sony Online Entertainment’s EverQuest has announced that they will be opening two new progression servers. The progression servers will give players a chance to experience the content of EverQuest right from the beginning.

You can read the release here.

On June 30th, the open beta for MGame USA’s Hero Online, began. The beta will run for almost a month, wrapping up on July 29th. According to their press release, the developers are telling players that they will not be wiping characters after the open beta!

You can read about it, here.

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Ryzom Ring: MMORPG's Exclusive Preview

This time around in our reviews section, I wanted to draw everyone’s attention to a preview rather than a review. Recently, our Lead Content Editor Dana Massey packed his bags and made his way across the Atlantic to the offices of Nevrax, the company responsible for the game, The Saga of Ryzom.

What are you previewing? You may ask. The answer is simple, it’s Ryzom Ring, the toolkit that will allow Saga of Ryzom players unprecedented power in customizing and creating within the game.

Here are some excerpts from Dana’s preview:

  • “We launched the game a bit too early,” admitted Executive Producer Daniel Miller.
  • “We’re certainly not intending to throw our playerbase out and get a new one,” Miller noted. “That’s not the way to build anything.”
  • The Paris demo showed off a story more robust than the one at E3. In this Ring created quest, players must lead an army of NPCs against a bandit camp to retrieve stolen alcohol supplies for the village.
  • Once again, I was impressed with the simplicity of them [the tools].
  • Nevrax hopes that the Ring inspires a large community of quest developers and content sharing.
  • In terms of policing the content, Nevrax intends to rely on a simple player reporting mechanism. If a player is offended they can report a scenario to the GM staff who will investigate and take action should the scenario violate their user agreement.

We eventually scored the game 7.6 out of a possible 10. Check back soon as we continue to delve into our library of MMORPG reviews.

You can read the full preview here.

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New Forums, Game/On and a Debate

MMORPG.com is thrilled to announce that we now have a forums section for every game on our extensive games list. Previously, only a select number of games had their own forums for our members to use to discuss the game. Now, we’ve added over 170 new forums for your posting and reading pleasure.

As of press time, MMORPG.com boasted 76,665 different discussion topics, with 761,376 different discussion posts. We look forward to seeing those numbers climb as you enjoy our new forums!

There's a new Game/On Podcast this week. This time around, we change gears as Game/On co-host Jon Wood sits down for an interview with Gregory Gibbons, an artist who has worked in the MMORPG industry who stops by to tell us what it takes to get into the industry, and the different obstacles that an artist has to overcome

Remember to check the Game/On Homepage every Friday for new content!

MMORPG.com has also published a brand new editorial debate. This one pitts Darren Bridle against Robert Fitzgerald as the pair discuss Instanced Raids vs. Contested Raids.

You can read the debate, here.

Game of the Week

Game of the week

This week's Game of the Week is Shadowbane.

Shadowbane is a game that has virtually clawed its way back from the brink of destruction, surviving not only the closure of a company, but also the turmoil that surrounds such an event.

Formerly run by the now defunct Wolfpack Studios, the game is now in the hands of Stray Bullet games, a company that is made up of former Wolfpack staff members. This unique situation will allow the game to continue under some of the same team that ran it in its original form.

Here's what the official website says about the game:

Shadowbane uses many elements from strategy games such as city building, sieges, territory conquest, and tactical formations and weds them to a game system similar to other fantasy MMORPGs. Players level and adventure in Shadowbane as they do in other MMOs, but Shadowbane offers unique activities in the game world, adding reasons to continue play after the more conventional RPG has been mastered.

Shadowbane has expanded the concept of what an online persistent world RPG can be. Rather than focusing on the story arc of the single character and taking the game no further, Shadowbane extends the experience by creating a backdrop of political intrigue and warfare for players to become engrossed in.

You can read more about Shadowbane – including the many features we’ve run – in their section of our site.

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