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MMORPG.com Newsletter Issue 29, June 6th, 2006
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On June 2nd, Dark and Light began the first stage of their three-tiered launch plan. On June 2nd, players who were registered in the Pioneer Program were allowed to enter the game. Ganareth opened for Griffoon players on June 3rd, and is scheduled to open for the general public on June 5th.

Read the article, here.

On May 29th, Funcom announced that it had reached an agreement with Conan Inc. over the exclusive rights to develop an MMORPG using the Conan license. The announcement says that Funcom has exclusive rights until the year 2018 with the option to add another five.

You can read the release here.

On May 31st, Turbine announced that they will be adding an in-game mail feature to their game, Dungeons and Dragons Online: Stormreach, in the very next module, titled, “Twilight Forge”. This feature will allow you to send: Text Messages, Items and Currency.

You can find more info, here.

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Dungeons and Dragons Online: MMORPG's Exclusive Review

This week, MMORPG.com previewed Turbine’s latest offering, Dungeons and Dragons Online: Stormreach. The article was penned by staff writer and Game/On co-host Garrett Fuller.

Fuller rates the game a 7.3 on our scale of ten, giving the game high marks in Graphics (9) and Sound (8). The lowest score that the game received was in the Value department, as Fuller scored the Pen and Paper Adaptation a six on a scale of ten.

Here are some interesting tidbits from the review:

  • How well does this fit into an MMO? It works, but there are many things lacking in the Massive-Multiplayer department.
  • Also, the game has almost no solo content
  • Customizing the look of your character is fun, but the game falls pray to the same problems as WoW. Your character is defined by the loot you win and end up wearing.
  • [Role-Playing Category] Dungeons & Dragons was the Role-Playing game that started it all. However in Dungeons & Dragons Online the game falls short.
  • [Value Category] Charging a monthly fee for this game just seems to be unfair. The content is so limited that players will not be running around for months on end trying to explore new areas.
  • [ Lag / Performance Category]The game’s instances work to an advantage in this area. The only real lag I hit was in town when running around. Keeping the groups to six and allowing people to work together cuts down a lot on lag.

    As of press time for this newsletter, Dungeons and Dragons Online: Stormreach had reached a 7.5 rating from our users on the site.

You can read the full review here.

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Game/On: Talking to Warhammer Online and Stargate

This week's Game/On marked the last of the E3 interviews that we had to offer from this year's convention, but we certainly saved some interesting ones to go out on!

First up on this week's interview show, Jon Wood sat down for a brief audio interview with David "Zeb" Cook, currently of Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment, filling the role of Lead Systems Designer.

Not one to be outdone, Co-Host Garrett Fuller took Lead Editor Dana Massey along as he sat down for an exciting interview with Greg Grimsby (Art Director) and Jeremy Dale (Lead Animator), from Turbine's Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning. The four cover everything from Combat to Squigs as Fuller puts his knowledge of the popular Games Workshop franchise to good use, asking detailed questions about the game's direction.

Remember to check the Game/On Homepage every Friday for new content!

Game of the Week

Game of the week

On May 29th, MMORPG.com added yet another game to its ever-expanding Games List. This time around, the game is

Dreamlords, the new offering from Lockpick Entertainment.

"Players assume the role of the mystical Dreamlords, magical entities that spawn from the nightmares of the Dreamer himself. The Dreamer is the centre core of the universe, fuelling all things with the power of life, the gnosis, the focused attention of the Dreamer. Although Dreamlords may empower forceful methods on its subjects their presence are always welcome as they have the power to provide goals and guidance for a fragmented piece of the tired old world. These pieces of lands, home to hardened populations of survivors controlled by a Dreamlord are known as Patrias, the fatherland. The success of each patria is totally depending on the capability of its Dreamlord. The war is on, the war for existence." - Official Site.

At E3, our own Garrett Fuller had a chance to visit the game’s booth, and came away with an interesting E3 Preview. You can read the article, here.

You can Hype this game, here.

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