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MMORPG.com Newsletter Issue 26, May 15th, 2006
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At E3, Blizzard finally made the announcement that has caused a great deal of speculation, argument, and jokes over the last few years, the name of the mysterious Alliance race. The answer to the eternal question? The Draenei.

You can read more about this, here.

Also at E3, Funcom, the makers of the new MMORPG, Age of Conan, announced that they had signed a development and marketing agreement with software giant Microsoft. As a result, Funcom will be looking to optimize the game for Windows Visa.

You can read the release here.

You can read Garrett Fuller's E3 look forward, here.

CCP, the makers of the popular Sci-fi MMORPG, EVE Online, made a kind of release of their own at the show. They released a series of screenshots highlighting the new textures that will be used on their ships in an upcoming update to their graphics engine.

Take a look at the screenshots, here.


While we were at E3, our own Staff Writer, Garrett Fuller, had a chance to talk with Blizzard Technical Game Designer, Wyatt Chang, about World of WarCraft’s upcoming expansion, The Burning Crusade.

Below, find some excerpts from Garrett’s article:

  • It seems that Blizzard is starting to move the game into a better direction from the stagnant end game we are all playing now.
  • The racial traits of the Blood Elves being with: a +15 to Enchanting, +5% resist to all magic, a mana tap ability, and something called Arcane Torrent which allows Blood Elves to AOE silence enemies for two seconds with a two minute cool down.
  • Here are the [Draenei] racial traits: shadow resist +10%, jewel crafting +15, Heroic Presence which gives your party a small boost to hit, and the Blessing of Naaru which gives the ability to heal themselves for fifty damage over fifteen seconds (those numbers are at first level and will be scaled as characters advance in level).
  • On the PvP front, there are plans for new Battlegrounds coming up.
  • Jewelcrafting is the new profession available to players.

Above was only a sample of the preview, Garrett, a WoW player himself, asks the questions that players want answered as Blizzard opens its doors to his questions.

You can read the full preview here.

E3 Roundup

This year’s E3 was everything it was cracked up to be. Not only did the MMORPG.com team get some great interviews, but we got to see just how much is going on in the wide scope of the games industry.

With an 8-9 person team, we were able to gather together, previews of your favorite MMORPGs, interviews with developers, blog reports, news, pictures and some great audio that will make its way onto Game/On, our podcast.

More E3-related material will be available on the site over the next week as our writers complete their assignments. Later in the week, we will also be handing out our E3 2006 awards. So, as you can see, while E3 is over and packed up in LA, it is alive and well at MMORPG.com. At least for a few more days.

E3 Blogs

This E3 marked something new for MMORPG.com. Blogs. Each of our writers took some time out from their interviewing, exploring, writing and swag collecting, to write down a little bit about their days. Here’s an example of what everyone talked about:

Dana Massey: Travel, Star Trek, Nights Out, Insane E3
Laura Genender: Arrival, Booth Crawling, Interviews, The Wave
Mike Hampden: Acclaim, eFocus, Games, Games, Games
Danielle Vanderlip: Missing Appointments, Preparations
Garrett Fuller: Universal Studios, The Floor, Age of Conan
Jon Wood: Travel, SOE, Aion
Carolyn Koh: MMO Mainstream, Unleash the Fury, E3 Roundup

You can read about all of that, and more, in our E3 blog section, which can be found, here.

Each blog has its own section for your comments. The writers have even been known to pop in to respond to your comments, so let us know what you think!

The Week That Was
8 Monday
9 Dragons: E3 Preview
9 Tuesday
Darkfall: E3 Preview
10 Wednesday
Stargate Worlds: E3 Preview
11 Thursday
WoW, Burning Crusade: E3 Preview
12 Friday
EVE: E3 Path to Kali Preview
13 Saturday
Age of Conan: E3 Preview
14 Sunday
N / A
More E3

While we were in LA, we had the opportunity to get lots of pictures form the show. Booths, developers, booth babes, you name it, it's all in our gallery, here.

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