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MMORPG.com Newsletter Issue 22, April 18th, 2006
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NCSoft and NetDevil finally brought their post apocalyptic automobile MMORPG to market when Auto Assault hit store shelves on April 13th, 2006. Auto Assault allows players to run amuck in a totally destructible world as one of three races.

You can find the launch press release here.

SOE rang in the Easter weekend with a lot of work for their staff! Live Update #22 launched on April 14th. The update ushered in the fictional “brew day” holiday and patched hairstyles into the game. It also included new raid zones for players to explore.

You can read the release here.

Recently, we’ve added a host of new games to our game list. Among them are NCSoft’s Dungeon Runners and Guild Wars Factions, fantasy RPG Carpe Diem and Mgame’s new title The Legend of Ares.

Click any of the links above to hype those games.

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RF Online: MMORPG's Exclusive Review

On April 7th, 2006 MMORPG.com's Brian Perry Jr. reviewed RF Online. Codemasters recently brought this science-fiction/fantasy title to the Western market. Promoted as an RvR (Realm vs. Realm) combat game, RF Online carries a distinct anime-feel that is indicative of its roots. Here is an excerpt from our review:

"RF Online feels a lot like other Korean MMOs. I say this because each race has three unique maps, and two shared maps where PvP happens. The monsters around the outsides of each race’s areas are exactly the same only the areas look different. Even the players themselves are almost exactly alike, by class, until level 30. That’s the point when you choose your first specialization; then again at 40. Other than that, all of the skills each class gets are exactly the same.

"The contribution points system I mentioned earlier is a nice addition to a heavy PvP oriented game. It gives players something to strive for, while pointing out who has the most success and knowledge for each race. The only issue with it is that the community still hasn’t grasped this fact completely yet. Once the community as a whole gets on the same page and starts listening to the planned tactics of the leaders of that race, massive battles will add a huge fun factor to the game.

"The PvP actually requires people to form strategies and tactics, rather than just zerg ahead. While numbers do help, it’s not the main way to win. Nine times out of ten, one of the smaller numbered races will win the battle because their leaders took the time and drew up a battle plan, rather than the race who just tries to win by throwing bodies out."

We eventually scored the game 7.6 out of a possible 10. Check back soon as we continue to delve into our library of MMORPG reviews.

You can read the full review here.

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Game/On: Official MMORPG.com Podcast Goes Weekly

Game/On - the official podcast of MMORPG.com - has moved to a weekly format. Every Friday, you can expect new audio content on the site. One week, you'll get an interview conducted by Senior Editor Dana Massey; the next, editorial debate between News Editor Jon Wood and Co-Host Michael Hampden. Finally on the last Friday of each month we will bring you a full-length show that incorporates new interviews, segments and much more.

In our first mini-show, Dana Massey interviewed Lars Kroll Kristensen of Runestone Development. Kristensen is the Producer of SEED: The Human Condition. During our twenty-plus minute chat, we learn about how they're coping with the stress of beta, what they plan to do to make their May 2nd launch date and what the game is all about.

Remarkable for its lack of combat, Kristensen is shooting for the role-playing market. The game features dynamic quests, NPCs with real personalities, crafting and a unique concept that can only be called story. To hear the full interview click here.

Remember to check the Game/On Homepage every Friday for new content!

Game of the Week

Game of the week

Roma Victor is our game of the week. This historical MMORPG lets gamers explore the Roman world circa 180AD. While the graphics are not AAA, the feature list promises players massive social interaction, tactical warfare and much more. In Roma Victor, you can be Roman, Gaul, Goth, Pict, Syrian or Briton. The title is currently in late-stage beta testing.

RedBedlam – the producers of Roma Victor – recently made headlines when they introduced a new mode of punishing cheaters. “Cynewulf” was nailed to a cross in the center of a town to atone for the grave crime of ganking. To read the original release click here, then go here for the screenshots. The debate rages about whether it is ethical for companies to try and embarrass cheaters and had further fuel thrown on the fire when Codemasters – another British company - released a video showing players being banned (story).

You can read more about Roma Victor – including the many features we’ve run – in their section of our site.

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