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MMORPG.com Newsletter Issue 19, March 27th, 2006
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On March 20th (Monday), we brought you an article that we found on news.com that told the story of how video games are being used as a healing tool. In this case, games are credited with helping a child who had been pronounced brain dead, to make a miraculous recovery. This is in sharp contrast to media reports these days that video games cause violence among our young people.

Read the article here.

On March 21st (Tuesday), Cryptic Studios and NCSoft announced that their game, City of Villains, would be supporting the AGEIA PhysX Processor, allowing for more interactive gameplay in their already popular City of X games. These changes will be visible to players when Issue 7 launches in April or May.

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On March 23rd (Thursday), an interesting press release hit my mailbox. Different MMORPGs have different ways of dealing with people who break the game's rules, whether that be ganking, cheating, or something else. I have to admit though, that Roma Victor has the most interesting way yet. Sure, you could go with a nasty email, probably a ban... but Roma Victor uses the old practice of crucifixion!

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Dear Readers,

As I write this, I’m only just back from San Jose and the Game Developers Conference. As you can imagine, with 11.5 hours of travel just under my best, and 4 time zones, I’m, a little bit jet-lagged. I did want to take a few minutes and let you all know that we had a great time at the event which was covered by myself (Jon Wood), Dana Massey and Garrett Fuller. Between the three of us, we managed to get in a number of the seminars that the conference offered, and we will be bringing you exclusive content from those seminars in the days to come.

Don’t worry, we also had time to sit down and talk to some of the developers at the conference: Stargate, City of Villains, Seed, Hero’s Journey and more. You’ll be seeing detailed accounts of those interviews as well. All-in-all, it was an exciting trip for us, and now we’re looking forward to bringing you all of the goings-on from Los Angelas and E3 in May.


Jon Wood
News Editor, MMORPG.com

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While we were away at the Game Developer’s Conference, Staff Writer, Garrett Fuller had the opportunity to attend a seminar from Sam Lewis about MMO Player to Player sales. This has been one of the hottest issues, contested by players and developers alike, it seems as though everyone has an opinion on the sale of in-game items. The thread that accompanies Garrett’s article is proof enough of that:

  • As long as there is a place to game where cheating is actually forbidden, I'll keep playing. As soon as cheating is officially condoned, I'll go back to playing single player and cooperative games with a heavy heart. – MisterJaw
  • Trust me, if MMOs go in the direction of the "Korean Model," game designers will make it impossible to get the good gear/abilities without paying for it. That process of billing is just a sneaky way to raise fees over time. The way it's set up now, with monthly payment, we know exactly how much its gonna be every month, and if they raise it, we know exactly when they do. The "Korean Model" gives game companies the means to slowly raise the average fee as often as they want. All they need to do is increase the amount of items that players need to compete. – kahnz
  • Yes well, I find it negative when you mix real world things with the game-world affairs. Personally, it totally ruins the 'RPG' aspect – A_N_T_I

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Game of the Week

Game of the week

This week, our Game of the Week is Face of Mankind

Going to launch on the 27th of March, this game is another persistent world MMORPG, with a science fiction theme. Here is our site’s overview of this new game:

The plot is constantly evolving, with new missions created constantly. The skill and luck of the players from rival factions change the balance of power. Highly ranked players create missions which are split and handed down through the hierarchy. The objective of the game is to evolve your character to its ultimate potential, whether that is the accumulation of wealth, power, social status or all three.

Face of Mankind is not a typical RPG: the most important difference is that you are the game. Your actions will affect the next available tactical decision for you and your fellow players. Your actions will affect the economic system. Your actions will determine the balance of power each and every second.

You have control over an intuitive First Person Shooter style interface. The cutting edge graphics engine will present a world of five huge cities on earth, 20 colonies in outer space and two special places.

Check out our Face of Mankind screenshot gallery! Click here!

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