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Issue 184, June 15th, 2009
In the news
Turbine has moved into the free to play category with Dungeons and Dragons Online. On Tuesday they announced that their IP driven MMO will now have a cash store, as well as VIP subscription options for players to choose from. This is one of the first times a major, AAA, subscription driven MMO has shifted to free to play.

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Cryptic Studios revealed the official box art for their upcoming superhero MMORPG Champions Online and we had it at on Friday. The new art shows two of the iconic Champions characters going head to head.

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Bioware and LucasArts revealed another class for the eagerly anticipated MMORPG Star Wars: The Old Republic. The Smuggler, modeled after Han Solo, is on its way. The Republic's ranged damaged class utilizes cover in a unique new way. This news dropped on Friday.

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FreeRealms:'s Review
Cartoony, bright, and cheerful. Even the dark and spooky zones are fun. The skulls are the sweetest skulls you ever saw, and the angry goth girls are too cute for words.

The art was so clean, in fact, that I missed the most impressive thing about it until relatively late: It was designed so consistently that it looks as though it were executed by a single person. The entire world fits together. The surfer dudes at the sunny beach (which, by the way, has a fun filled boardwalk on the north side and quiet beach homes on the south side, just like a real beach) have clearly sprung from the same design as the denizens of the dark and damp jungles. This happens without any sense of repetition, too. Each zone is wonderfully unique, and all of them work in harmony to create a seamless world.

No detail was too small, either. Winking eyes blink from tree hollows. The vines around the "you win" messaging grow organically. When you try on new shoes as a pixie, your feet wiggle. It's this little stuff that makes a game worthwhile, I swear. You can rationalize big stuff all day, but without the little details, you know the dev team didn't really... care.

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Dana Massey: The MMO Litmus Test
This week, I open with a simple test. I want you to honestly ask yourself or a gamer friend the following two questions:

Where are you in [insert any single player RPG here]?

And where are you in [insert any MMO name here]?

The answer to the first question is almost definitely a description of where you are and what you're doing. The answer to the second is much simpler: "Level X of Class Y."

I tried this quiz at E3 and not a single person answered any differently. Predictable and instantly, they'd describe where they were in Fable 2, for example, and then immediately name class and level for the MMO.

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E3 was a big week for the upcoming MMO from Bioware, EA and Lucas Arts. They took home some hardware and assuredly have more on the way, they revealed a new class and showed off a completely jaw dropping cinematic trailer.

Promising a more story driven MMO, a hallmark of all Bioware games, SWTOR has the chance to turn the MMO genre on its ear in a way no one since Blizzard has been able to do.

At E3, they spoke of evoking emotional reactions, real choice, cinematic cut scenes and the fact that they'll be the first fully voiced MMO. They've also put together a game that looks and feels like Star Wars.

It's lofty expectations, but could this be the first game to really give World of Warcraft a run for its money?

Check out our preview and video interview from Los Angeles.

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The Week that Was
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On Deck Next Week
Expect some more video and text coverage of E3, as we bring you updates on DC Universe Online, The Agency, Global Agenda, All Points Bulletin and many more titles. We'll also be handing out some E3 hardware!
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