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Issue 183, June 8th, 2009
In the news
Final Fantasy XIV was announced at E3! The brand new MMO from SquareEnix is on the way and was there to take in the news. Our own Carolyn Koh wrote out a bit of Q&A from the event for you to enjoy.

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A brand new cinematic trailer comes down the pipe from Bioware's eagerly anticipated Star Wars: The Old Republic. This MMO adaptation of the pre-history of Star Wars was on display at E3.

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CCP has put out their Quarterly Economic Newsletter. This is one of the most original academic studies in MMOs. A real-life economist puts our four articles a year that focus on the economy of EVE.

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Champions Online: Bill Roper Q&A Why was the decision made to push back the launch of Champions?

Bill Roper: We had the opportunity to take a few more weeks to really focus on fine-tuning, balancing, and polishing the game and we took it. It also lets us get in a few last things that were on the bubble, like Crisis Zones for Monster Island and Millennium City. It's fantastic to have the support of Atari to make Champions Online the absolute best day-one experience we can. There are some who believe that pushing back the announced launch of a game is a precursor to player disappointment when the final product is launched, can you speak to that?

Bill Roper: Really? That runs counter to everything that players say in any game I've ever worked on. Beta players are always wanting the developers to take the time needed to make the game great - to kill those last bugs and put as much shine and polish on the game as possible. I've never heard anyone say, "You guys should have taken less time getting the game done." In fact, the disappointment stems from when a team doesn't have the time required to do what they need to for the game.

You can read the interview here.
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Richard Aihoshi: Free-to-Play and Playstyles
Many serious MMOG fans think of the genre as being defined by guilds, raids and other elements that involve bunches of players doing things together. It's true there's no feeling in gaming that truly compares to multiple groups working as one to take down a boss, or to battles with dozens or even hundreds of combatants on each side. However, that's not necessarily the way most users actually play.

A lot of people either prefer the play style sometimes known as massively single-player, or spend more time within it than they might think. I doubt that there's anything approaching a universally accepted definition of this term, so for the purposed of this column, I'll use mine, even though it's something of a misnomer. When I refer to MSOG play, I'm not just talking about soloing, but also small group play similar to what you'd experience in the online mode of a standalone game.

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At E3 2009, Trion World Network unveiled a brand new MMORPG: Heroes of Telara. Promising dynamic story driven content and the ability to make players into actual Heroes, the game is sure to excite quite a few people.

Naturally, was there to take in the unveiling and bring back the latest content.

Director of Community Management Chris Mancil presented the game and we came back with this article on it. We also interviewed Russ Brown, the VP of Channel One (the team working on Telara) on camera. You can watch that here.

Trion World Network has recruited some of the industry's top talent and raised millions in funding for their online world projects.

Telara is an epic fantasy environment that should be familiar to fans of the genre, but uses dynamic content to really enhance the experience. These are scripted events that can be set off by the players, on a schedule or at random. The goal is to really give the players a chance to change the world.

Telara also features the ability to play any of the game's classes inside one character and a customizable sub-class system that lets people adapt who they are to the situation at hand.

Learn more about Heroes of Telara, here, or check out our game list here.
The Week that Was
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Coming Next Week
Check back next week for a lot of E3 videos and articles, We talked to all the big names in MMOs in LA and will be bringing you loads of coverage over the next few weeks.
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