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Issue 182, June 1, 2009
In the news
The folks at the Matrix Online recently announced that players would be jacking out for the last time as the game is set to close down for good at the end of July.

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NetDevil informed fans last week that Jumpgate Evolution would miss their projected launch date in June.

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38 Studios has announced that they have acquired Big Huge Games from publisher THQ.

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Ten Most Misused Words in MMOs
In this week's list, Jon Wood gives us ten phrases that get thrown around to the point where they've almost lost their meaning.

Every group of people has its own variant on language. Whether it's a group of friends with inside jokes, colleagues talking shop, or any other sub-group of society, people will always use "insider language" that anyone who isn't "in the know" will have a tough time picking up. If you have ever been at a work function with a spouse or significant other, you are probably familiar with the phenomenon, it presents itself right around the time two people start talking about the regional interoffice roundtable, your eyes glaze over and you head for the bar.

The world of MMORPGs is no exception. Developers, players and journalists all share a common vocabulary that includes words and terms like: PvP, RvR, Raid, Guild, Grind, Gank, Exploit, Loot, Farm, Bot... The list is near endless. It isn't that all of these words are foreign to the rest of the English speaking world, but when you're talking about MMOs, the word "farming" doesn't mean tilling fields and milking cows, it means: performing collection actions over and over again in order to increase wealth and / or resources, often for the purpose of Gold Selling.

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Featured Column: Sanya Weathers's MMO Underbelly
Each week she looks behind the curtain at how MMOs are made. This week, we learn a thing or two about the reality of Content Design.

When people imagine getting a job at a game company, and picture themselves hard at work, what they imagine is usually some kind of content design. The most senior content design, the fun stuff that is frankly entirely hogged by the people who founded the company and their chosen lieutenants. Seriously, people go and start their own studios in order to do the stuff you're imagining when you think of content design, because it is easier to design, eat ramen, and starve, than to wait for your own shot at joining the primary design team. But I digress. As usual.

Content design and quest design are closely related, but considered to be different teams. Well, that's true at the MMO studios that haven't completely given up on telling stories with "words."

Check out the Sanya Weathers's Underbelly here.

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This week's Game of the Week is The Chronicles of Spellborn.

Last week reviewer Michael Bitton shared his opinions on the game:

The Chronicles of Spellborn is a European fantasy MMOG set in a post-apocalyptic universe where life has mysteriously begun anew within rock encased worlds known as Shards. These shards are remnants of the Ancestor World and float within what is called the "Deadspell Storm." The game features robust customization options and an innovative take on combat. Spellborn is also a "Freemium" MMOG, which means the first 9.9 levels of Spellborn are entirely free; you need only pay if you wish to continue past this point.

As a player, you choose from three class archetypes, Rogue, Mage, and Warrior, and one of two races, the standard Human, and the Daevi. The Daevi are a mythical race that is a hybrid of human and Mumia; the Mumia being the demon rulers of the Ancestor World prior to the uprising that ultimately led to its destruction. As you can tell, the availability of only two races doesn't exactly provide the player a wealth of options, but Spellborn makes up for this with a robust character creation system. Sure, you may only have two races, but damn it does the game let you do quite a bit to customize them to your liking.

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