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Issue 179, May 11, 2009
In the news
It was reported last week that Richard Garriott is suing NCsoft for $24 million for issues relating to his departure from the company.

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Jolt Online Gaming has announced that they will launch a casual browser based MMOG based on the world of Playboy. The game, called Playboy Manager, puts players in the role of a manager for an up and coming playboy model.

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Darkfall developer Aventurine and European gaming site EuroGamer had a public spat last week, revolving around a scathing review which gave the game a score of 2/10, and controversy about the reviewer's limited time spent in game.

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Five 80s Cartoons That Would Make Good MMOs
In this week's Tuesday Top Five, Managing Editor Jon Wood writes this look at 80s television cartoons that would make interesting IPs for future MMORPG projects.

Anyone who grew up in the 1980s grew up watching many of the same, 30 minute toy commercials known as Saturday morning cartoons. Those same children, in all likelihood, grew up in households where video games had become more a part of daily life. Consoles like the Nintendo Entertainment System and Sega Genesis together with the emergence of more games for the personal computer which was becoming more and more popular in homes made gamers of many of them. It seems only natural then that these two childhood memories, cartoons and video games, come together in this list of 80s cartoon IPs that, should a development studio CEO get nostalgic, would make for interesting MMORPGs.

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Featured Column: Why Not a Wild West MMO?
Last week, I laid out several historical settings for potential MMOs. The forum debate that followed zigged and zagged, but one point slowly snapped into focus. In general, people seemed to be really jazzed about the idea of a Wild West MMO. Today, I ask why not a Wild West MMO, and lay out how I'd like to see that game tackled.

The heart of the Wild West was reputation. It was a fresh start for those who went, a new beginning and an opportunity to reinvent yourself. All the good stories seem to revolve around some unlikely or unwilling hero who steps up at the right moment and becomes an immortal anecdote in history.

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This week's game of the week is EVE Online.

EVE is a common sight in the game of the week column, having won the tittle more times than any other game. And who couldn't love EVE? The tale of EVE Online, and of CCP, is a classic underdog story, starting with a handful of dedicated developers on a wind swept rock in middle of the the North Atlantic, and growing to become a company with international reach and renown.

EVE Online recently celebrated its sixth anniversary since launch and as a birthday gift the community got together and finally topped the 300,000 subscription mark.

Considering the high regard in which EVE is held, 300k may seem like a low number, considering the numbers that what some would consider to be lesser games boast. But that's just what makes EVE the underdog, who punches well above their weight class.

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Did You Know?
Did you know that the population of the country of Iceland is roughly 320,000? That means that CCP is only about 20k players away from reaching their goal of creating a larger virtual nation of EVE players than the nation that birthed the game.
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