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Issue 177, April 27, 2009
In the news
The Chronicles of Spellborn officially launched in North America on Tuesday, April 23rd.

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Cryptic Studios officially announced July 14th, 2009 as the projected launch date for Champions Online.

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The new Titan server for Atlantica Online was launched last week, allowing players from different servers to come together and take part in PvP action against each other.

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Featured Article: The Four Shortest Lived MMOs
Last week, we examined five games that died on the cutting room floor. This week, we look at four games that made it to launch, but died within 18 months.

They're presented in a countdown, from the game that lasted the longest to the fastest live MMO shut down in history.

Sadly, in recent years, MMO shutdowns have become much more common and the corporate leashes a lot shorter. Older games like Asheron's Call 2 and Earth and Beyond aren't on the list. The sad truth is, not everyone gets cancelled as quickly as these four. Earth and Beyond ran for 729 days, while Asheron's Call 2 survived a whopping 1,134 days.

Find out more about The Four Shortest Lived MMOs.
Review: Warhammer Online reviewer Michael Bitton finally takes a look at Mythic's Warhammer Online, looking at the good and noso-good points of the RvR game.

Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning has been out for almost 7 months now, and for whatever reason we haven't gotten around to reviewing it yet! Alas, it was probably for the better. The launch of Warhammer Online was marred by myriad issues that you've likely heard about by now. In the past few months, we've watched Warhammer Online go from a hotly anticipated launch to a hemorrhaging of the player base that would most closely resemble rats fleeing a sinking ship. Is the ship still sinking, or is WAR now the game everyone expected it to be?

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This week's Game of the Week is Guild Wars.

Guild Wars is a game that's no stranger to the spotlight. In it's earlier years it was a common sight to see Guild Wars rated among the top five MMOs, either by members, reviewers, or folks at other sites.

Just a week before the fourth anniversary of the game's launch, NCsoft announced that Guild Wars has sold over 6 million copies during its life so far. That's an impressive number considering that the game has been in operation for just four years, celebrating its four year anniversary on Tuesday.

Learn more about Guild Wars, or check out our game list here.
The Week that Was
Monday, April 20
Lineage 2 - Changes to Combat with Gracia Final

Tuesday, April 21
AfterWorld - A Quick Look at AfterWorld

Wednesday, April 22
Fallen Earth - Balancing Weapons Part Two

Thursday, April 23
Gatheryn - Game Introduction

Friday, April 24
Asheron's Call - A Look At Essential 2009 Game Changes
Did You Know?
Did you know that late April seems to be a popular time to launch an MMO? Last week Lord of the Rings Online celebrated its launch anniversary, turning two.

This week City of Heroes and Guild Wars take their turns, with April 28th marking the date for the trail-blazing superhero MMO's fifth year, and marking the fourth year of operation for Guild Wars.
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