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Issue 171, March 16, 2009
In the news
Last week Icelandic developer CPP successfully launched EVE: Apocrypha, the tenth expansion for EVE Online.

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Acclaim announced last week that they would soon be starting the closed beta test for The Chronicles of Spellborn in the regions where Acclaim licenses the game.

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Funcom's Glen "Famine" Swan has resurrected the old Age of Conan developer blog, renaming it "Message from the King."

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Featured Article: Jeff Hickman Interview Managing Editor Jon Wood sat down with Mythic's Jeff Hickman to talk about a number of issues including: Rally Call, Career Balance, the game's 10-Day trial and more.

Recently, I had the opportunity to sit down with Mythic Entertainment's Jeff Hickman to talk about a number of different issues that have come up recently about Warhammer Online.

In an article that we published last week, I talked a little bit about my impressions of Patch 1.2, a pretty hefty little update in which Mythic made changes galore. My mission: to find out exactly what the team's "rally call" feature was all about. . We know that it's a new system that will prompt players to port to the nearest Warcamp for some Open RvR goodness, but we wanted to know how it worked, and what we can expect from it in the future.

During our conversation, we also talked about issues like: Mythic's current 10-day free trial, balancing careers, and other Warhammer issues.

You can read the full interview here.
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Correspondent:: A Look at Ultima Online Ultima Online Correspondent Shannon Young writes this editorial overview of the classic MMORPG, Ultima Online discussing the game from launch to today.

RPGs were the thinking man's video game. They catered to the gamer who wanted to feel like a part of the world they were playing in, and established connections to it through meaningful dialogue and memorable characters. Each RPG tells its own story and has its own personality, but quickly becomes shadows of each other with common central beliefs such as a hero rising up to face an extraordinary evil or an epic quest to save the world.

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This week's Game of the Week is EVE Online.

EVE Online launched back in 2003, and since then CCP, the company behind the game, has been an industry leader with respect to working on improving and upgrading the game.

Last week they launched Apocrypha, EVE's 10th free expansion, adding significant amounts of new content, including:

  • Wormholes to new systems with new resources and enemies
  • Fully customizable and modular ships
  • Tech 3 Strategic Cruisers
  • Improved skill queuing
  • Revamped character creation and new player experience
  • Epic mission arcs and more
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The Week that Was
Monday, March 9
Wizard101 - PvP Overview

Tuesday, March 10
Champions Online - Where have all the Villains Gone?

Wednesday, March 11
EverQuest II - Elements of Corruption Tour

Thursday, March 12
Champions Online - Lemuria Screenshots And Introduction

Friday, March 13
Black Prophecy - Introductory Q&A
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