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Issue 169, March 2, 2009
In the news
Despite a number of ongoing hiccups, Aventurine's Darkfall officially launched last week.

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Dungeons & Dragons Online, the MMO incarnation of the venerable pen and paper RPG celebrated the third anniversary of the game's launch last week.

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Funcom's CFO has resigned after the company reported large losses in its fourth quarter financial results.

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Feature Article: Building an EVE Empire
In part three of Building an EVE Empire, EVE Online correspondent Sam Guss takes a look at the importance of sovereignty in ruling 0.0 space.

The third rule of our thought experiment in building a vast Eve empire is the Rule of Sovereignty. As we all found out a couple of weeks back, the loss of sovereignty can literally kill off an Eve empire in a simple stroke. Sovereignty is what gives you a home in 0.0 and should be defended at all costs.

When building your empire, you want to ensure that you can keep control of the systems that you are in and expanding into. Part of this mechanic has a very real consequence; you gain sovereignty in such systems. It is important that the members of the empire know that with this sovereignty comes responsibility. The responsibility to protect it is foremost but also utilizing these systems is important as well. Each system should be providing something for the Empire at large, whether as a base of operations, an economic stronghold, or even a chokepoint to defend from.

You can read the the full article here.
On-Site: Runes of Magic: Second Class Citizen
Runes of Magic correspondent Robert Sollazzo takes a look at secondary classes in Runes of Magic, detailing class combinations that work and some that don't.

By now you've heard all about it and it's definitely one the most notable feature in Runes of Magic. For those of you who missed the beta boat, you've got a tough decision ahead of you: Choosing your character's primary and secondary classes. If you don't already know the particulars of the classes, just fall back on every other MMO you've ever played, or simply hit the RoM website here for the details. For those of you who already know the difference between a Priest and Knight, this article is less about the classes themselves and more how they work together, specifically some theory behind choosing your second class at level ten.

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This week's Game of the Week is City of Heroes.

Originally developed by Cryptic Studios and distributed by NCsoft, City of Heroes gained fans and media acclaim because of its solid gameplay and unparalleled character customization. NCsoft, the company currently responsible for developing the game, continues in this spirit and attempts to raise the bar for customization and user generated content with the new Mission Architect System.

Managing Editor Jon Wood recently had the opportunity for some hands on time with the Architect System and shares his experiences and opinions:

First, I simply can not say enough good things about the idea of MMOs integrating user-generated content into their games.

The Architect System is also completely voluntary, meaning that if you're the type of player who likes his content dev created and dev created only, you don't have to worry.

I found the interface that is used for Mission Architect to be quite well laid out.

Read Jon's review of the Architect System, or find out more details in the system overview, and don't forget to take a look at the Architect screenshots and see it for yourself.

Learn more about City of Heroes, or check out our game list here.
The Week that Was
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EVE Online - Interview in a Box

Tuesday, February 24
WindSlayer - A First Look at WindSlayer

Wednesday, February 25
Champions Online - The Current State of the Game

Thursday, February 26
City of Heroes - Mission Architect System Overview

Friday, February 27
Deicide Online - The First Ten Levels
Did You Know?
Has anyone noticed the total number of registered members on lately? In issue 166 of the Weekly Newsletter we noted that the community was 8000 members away from one million users. In issue 169 we're pleased to report that over the weekend we passed that number.
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