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Issue 166, February 9, 2009
In the news
Alliance warfare in EVE Online was shaken up last week when Band of Brother, one of the largest alliances in the game, was disbanded last week.

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Mythic Entertainment announced another round of layoffs last week, raising concerns about the future of Warhammer Online.

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Frogster America has announced that Runes of Magic will officially launch on March 19th, 2009.

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Featured Article: Wizard101: A Look at Mini-Games Wizard101 Correspondent Matt Plourde writes this look at the mini-games that have been incorporated into the kid-friendly MMO.

In addition to the normal card-based MMORPG experience, Wizard 101 offers eight free mini-games. While this wouldn't normally be a feature worthy of trumpets and fanfare - these mini-games are more than mere fluff. Playing the mini-games is the most economical way to refill your potions and mana. As an added bonus, you can also earn a trivial amount of gold and items if you score well enough - and maybe a spot on the high scores list!

You can access the eight free games by heading to the fair grounds in Wizard City (behind Merle's house). Simply walk up to any of the tents and hit the "x" key. Each of the other worlds also has a spot to access the mini-games.

You can read the full article here.
On-Site: A Look at Singularity EVE Online guru Andrew Wallace writes this look at Singularity, the test server for CCP's EVE Online.

So, what is Singularity?

I'm glad you asked; Singularity is the main test server for EVE Online. All of the EVE servers have codenames: Tranquillity is the main server, and Multiplicity is the secondary test server, but just forget about those two; this article is all about Singularity.

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This week's Game of the Week is Fallen Earth.

The developers behind this post apocalyptic MMO have been busy lately. In January they published a state of the game article where they detail where the game currently stands in the development process, talk about new strategies for working on the game, and provide some hard numbers on what's in the game so far.

In early February the apocalypse moved one step closer when they announced that the game had entered closed beta.

In between working on content and bringing about the end of days, they've also been busy producing a few videos. One introduces players to the game's factions, and the other takes a more humorous look at Armageddon and displays the game's dance emotes.

Learn more about Fallen Earth, here, or check out our game list here.
The Week that Was
Monday, February 2
Free Realms Progress Report

Tuesday, February 3
Lord of the Rings Online - Another Look at Moria, Part Three

Wednesday, February 4
Jumpgate Evolution - Progress Report Interview

Thursday, February 5
Runes of Magic - Your First Few Dungeons

Friday, February 6
Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning - Tier Two RvR Guide: Witch Elf
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