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Issue 162, January 12, 2009
In the news
CCP revealed details of the next expansion for EVE Online last week. EVE Online: Apocrypha will add a number of major features that were announced earlier this year at EVE Fanfest, including Tech 3 modular ships, a reworked New Player Experience, Epic Mission Arcs, wormholes and new regions of space to explore and exploit.

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City of Heroes made its long awaited debut on the Mac last week, thanks to the folks over at TransGaming.

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Frogster announced that the player population of Runes of Magic, their free to play fantasy MMO, reached 300,000 last week.

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Featured Article: PotBS 2008 Recap's newest writer, Ernest Ross writes this rundown of 2008 in Flying Lab Software's Pirates of the Burning Sea.

But while everyone can't have the success of a World of Warcraft, and no company publishes their "performance expectations," if one year is the point at which an MMO game company throws in the towel then it must be that Pirates of the Burning Sea, which went live January 22, 2008, has at least met Flying Lab Software's first year expectations. But what about player expectations? In developer logs and forum posts leading up to release, the FLS devs hinted at some great elements they expected to implement within the first half of 2008. They promised a Skirmish system and Port Governance, for example. Unfortunately, a number of unexpected issues have gotten in the way of such additions since then - nearly all of which can be filed under the "Unintended Consequences" category. By my definition, Unintended Consequences are the things that happen as a result of a development decision that were not necessarily supposed to happen. One example would be Unrest Bombing, where a port could be taken from zero unrest to 10,000 unrest instantly, giving the port's owning nation no opportunity to resist or defend against the port flip. Of course, while we all love pretty red PvP Zones on the Open Sea, this 'tactic' was outside of the intended spirit of the Unrest mechanic and needed to be changed immediately; and that's only one example.

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On-Site: Reader's Choice Awards

The votes are in for the 2008 Reader's Choice Awards, and the votes have been tallied. Check out the results in the first five categories, and keep an eye out this week for the winners of the awards for Best New Game and Best Overall.

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This week's Game of the Week is Darkfall.

Darkfall walked away from this year's Reader's Choice Awards with the win for Most Anticipated Game. Of the 8 nominated contenders, Darkfall had the strongest showing, taking almost a third of the votes. Managing Editor Jon Wood had this to say about the win:

I really have to tip my hat to the folks over at Aventurine on an impressive and to some, unexpected win in this year's 2008 Reader's Choice Awards. Not so unexpected though to those who have been following the game, which I would classify as one of the most hotly anticipated MMORPGs in recent memory. No other game has caused more of a stir here on with each and every piece of information that becomes available, bringing people out of the woodwork to debate and discuss.

Considering the potential impact of a successful fantasy sandbox game on MMOs and the industry, gamers and industry insiders would do well to watch this one closely in 2009.

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The Week that Was
Monday, January 5
The Chronicles of Spellborn - New Launch Overview

Tuesday, January 6
Atlantica Online - The Mercenaries of Atlantica

Wednesday, January 7
Atlantica Online - Inventory Tetris... How to Stop Playing It

Thursday, January 8
StarQuest Online - Starship Operations Guide

Friday, January 9
City of Heroes - Mac Version Interview and Video
Did You Know?
Did you know that prior to CCP's announcement of Apocrypha, EVE Online's next expansion, the company also announced that EVE had reached a new record for Peak Concurrent Users. That means that at one point they had 45,186 players all online at the same time on the game's single server. Congratulations CCP and EVE enthusiasts.
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