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Issue 160, December 29, 2008
In the news
Blizzard announced last week that World of Warcaft has reached 11.5 million subscribers and that Wrath of the Lich King has sold 4 million copies in its first month, breaking sales records that were previously set by The Burning Crusade.

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In a recent article on Iceland's ongoing economic troubles, CCP's resident economist Dr. Eyjolfur Gudmundsson outlined the current problems and potential impact that the devaluation of the nation's currency could have on the company, including a potential relocation of the company.

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NCsoft has announced that Tabula Rasa has now gone free to play as the game's February end date looms near.

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Featured Article: EVE Online: Making a Successful Corporation EVE Online Correspondent Sam Guss supplies part 4 of his guide to starting a successful corporation in CCP's EVE Online, this time focusing on what to do when things go wrong.

So you followed all the advice given in this series of articles. You went out and got yourself a book on business plans. After spending several sleepless nights you finally have in your hand THE business plan for your EVE Corporation. Then about a year later, after some success, your corporation starts rolling downhill and after a couple of months of this all you have left is a mothball fleet, a few die hard members and a broken dream.

Unfortunately, this scenario is a very real probability that you should face now, instead of then. I am not saying be pessimistic. If you are not overly optimistic, then your plan will never work. You have to have optimism, drive and motivation. I do want you to be prepared though. This doesn't mean you can't start anew. This doesn't mean you can't reform a different plan. What this does mean though is you should have what is known in the business world as a bailout plan.

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On-Site: 2008 Reader's Choice Awards

Voting is still open for the Reader's Choice Awards, so don't forget to cast your votes for the following categories:

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The honor of the last Game of the Week of 2008 goes to Star Trek Online.

Earlier this year Cryptic Studios had announced that they had picked up the license to make the MMO incarnation of the popular science fiction franchise after the folding of Perpetual Entertainment, the game's previous developer.

Since then Cryptic Studios has been busy releasing information about this incarnation of the Trek Universe, picking up on galactic events where the three television series and four movies set in the TNG time-frame left off.

Cryptic has been publishing a year by year look at events in in the Federation and beyond, starting with the years 2379 and 2380 where the last Trek movie of the TNG era ended.

So far the events have focused mostly on the fallout of the coup on Romulus from Star Trek: Nemesis, and the post war recovery of the Federation and Cardassia after the Dominion War of Deep Space Nine.

Learn more about Star Trek Online, here, take a look at Cryptic's future history in their Path to 2409 series, or check out our game list here.
The Week that Was
Monday, December 22
Final Fantasy XI - Developer Roundtable Q&A, Part Two

Tuesday, December 23
StarQuest Online - The Story of StarQuest Online

Wednesday, December 24
Runes of Magic - A Look at Runes of Magic

Thursday, December 25
Merry Christmas from

Friday, December 26
Final Fantasy XI - A Look at the Thief
Did You Know?
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