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Issue 152, November 3, 2008
In the news
Blizzard announced that World of Warcraft has reached 11 million subscriptions worldwide last week.

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NDOORS Interactive has announced the official launch of their free to play MMOPRG, Atlantica Online.

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Funcom launched the latest update for Age of Conan last week, bringing the new PvP Consequence System to the live game, as well as new content and quests, fixes, and more.

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Featured Article: Making A Successful Corporation in EVE EVE Online Correspondent Sam Guss writes this guide to starting a successful corporation in CCP's EVE Online.

This series of articles over the next couple of months will explore some thought experiments on creating EVE Corporations. In MMOs, one of the common themes is that of like-minded players grouping together in miniature societies called Clans or Guilds. EVE Online is no different, only these smaller societies are called Corporations.

Corporations are unique to the MMO world, as they can go much deeper in concept than that of other MMOs. Due to the nature of player-based sandbox of the EVE Online universe, different issues can spring up in Corporations than in typical guilds or clans of other games. Potential pitfalls such as espionage, corporation-crippling theft, scams, economic warfare and much more can leave a Corporation in ruin and in some cases unrecoverable.

You can read the full article here.

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On-Site: Jumpgate Dev Chat

Recently, the team from Net Devil was answering your questions in our IRC dev chat. We now present the transcript of that chat where the devs answer questions on everything from the possibility of exiting your ship to crafting in their upcoming game, Jumpgate Evolution.

Community Question: slix asks, "Will Jumpgate be as "do-anything-you-want" as some other space mmorpgs, like EVE?"

ND_Hermann: Well. That's a very broad statement :). For example, if you want to drive pink elephant cars, that might be tough to do :P. Seriously though, Jumpgate is an open game in the sense that you are not forced to follow a linear path by some fixed set of limitations. If you want to mine or fight or craft, PvP, PvE, follow mission or just kind of explore around. All of that is possible and there is no required order per se.

Read the full Devchat transcript here.

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This week's Game of the Week is The Chronicles of Spellborn.

The Chronicles of Spellborn has gained a fair amount of attention in recent months for it's unique combat system, which allows players a great deal of freedom in how they set up and use their powers, and is more twitch based than most MMOs because it lacks auto attacks and requires manual targeting.

TCoS has also gained a lot of attention because of the game's art style and direction. Spellborn has a visual style that is reminiscent of a cross between old European architecture and a Tim Burton movie, where most of the game's buildings lack straight lines.

The Chronicles of Spellborn is currently being developed by Dutch developer Spellborn International and has a projected launch date of November 27, 2008.

Learn more about The Chronicles of Spellborn, here, or check out our game list here.
The Week that Was
Monday, October 27
Age of Conan - Age of Conan Review

Tuesday, October 28
World of Warcraft - Mounting Interest

Wednesday, October 29
Age of Conan - Update 3.0 Interview

Thursday, October 30
Dungeons & Dragons Online - A Look at Module 8: Prisoners of Prophecy

Friday, October 31
Fallen Earth - Dev Journal Part Two, Faction Gear Sneak Peek
Did You Know?
For those of you that were wondering, a Kowakian monkey-lizard is a semi-sentient life form from the Star Wars universe. Prominent examples of the species include Salacious Crumb, the court jester and cohort of Jabba the Hutt.
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