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MMORPG.com Newsletter Issue 15, February 27th, 2006
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On February 20th (Monday), Guild Wars crowned their first ever Guild Wars World Champions. The winners of the inaugural tournament were called “The Last Pride”. The people over at Guild Wars have already announced plans for a second tournament.

Read the article here.

On February 21st (Tuesday), both EverQuest and EverQuest II announced the launch of expansions. For EverQuest, it was Prophecy of Ro, and for EverQuest II, it was Kingdom of Sky.

Get this story, here and here.

This week, MMORPG.com announced the addition of not one, but two games to our ever-growing games list. The first is a fantasy MMORPG called Valhyre. This game promises to put the focus on role-playing. The second game added was the much-anticipate Star Trek Online.

Read about these games here and here.
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Screen Name: Bree'ah

MMORPG.com Ranking: Varying :P - between 1-50

Current MMOs Played: SWG, RuneScape (not for long, methinks), WoW (on my way out)

Favorite feature of an MMORPG: Versatility. Customization. The easier a game will be on you in terms of making the visions of your character the way you're imagining it, the better. The less you have to tell people, in bios or emotes or /tells, the deeper the immersion of the RP. Which SWG used to provide. To some extent. From what I've seen of it, Fallen Earth will be even better, in that regard, though.

Something about an MMO (or MMOS) that bugs you: EULAs that tells me I have no rights as paying customer, other than to just take whatever the company does to "my" game, lying down *smiles wryly*

Well... of course... I have the right to move on, but... what kind of right is that, when I've built up a life for my character in one game, in one community *shrugs*

There is, of course, always the right to be the proverbial frog... *sighs and smiles wryly* Suppose I'll take comfort in that... http://www.raphkoster.com/gaming/playerrights.shtml

As always, the editor would love to hear from you about just about anything. Do you have a particular gripe about a game? Maybe something you enjoyed? Write a "letter to the editor". Do you have something that you would like to see in an upcoming newsletter? Would you like to take the time to fill out our Member Profile survey? Just copy the questions above and send it all here!.

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This week on Off the Boards, we take a look at a board thread created by Thethrax. It brings up the ever-popular perma-death debate. Thethrax thinks that we should have it and offers up 10 reasons to back it up.

Traditionally people fear permadeath. Thats because traditionally people think that permadeath means if you die once, thats it, game over for that character. Well, thats just not true with a few upcoming MMORPGS who plan to implement permadeath as part of their leading features (namely Trials of Ascension). You will get appx. 100 'death credits', and each time you die you will lose 1. If you run out, you're permanently dead. How does this help a mmorpg? Read my top 10 reasons below.

10) Gamemakers can potentially make some profits by selling extra 'death credits' (not that I really like this point..but hey, investers need reasons too)
9) PVP would be extremely exciting
8) Guilds will have more meaning, player cooperation will be necessary, though soloers have benefits (utter secrecy).
7) Less cheating and bots due to the increased communication levels (see below)
6) Less griefing due to the consequences of being hated by many people
5) Increased communication levels in the game due to people having to work together to accomplish goals
4) More immersion and care due to the fear of dying
3) Dramatically increased overall challenge
2) Recycling characters for a longer lasting mmo

And the number one reason every MMO should have permadeath:

1) It would keep the human gene pool stronger (Ill let you figure this one out)

A good number of our members have already weighed in on this topic. What do you have to say about perma-death and these top 10 reasons?

Would you like to add your two cents to this excellent debate? Go ahead!

Game of the Week

Game of the week

This Week’s Game of the Week is one of the most anticipated recent additions to our site, and has been a game that many MMORPG players and sci-fi fans have been waiting for for a long time. Star Trek Online.

Star Trek Online promises to be every Star Trek fan’s dram come true as they get the chance to participate and live in the Star Trek Universe.

The game is being developed by Perpetual Entertainment, and is in the earlier stages of the game’s development. Already, Perpetual has procured the talents of a number of Star Trek alumni who will help to shape and craft the game into an accurate representation of the much beloved television and movie franchise.

Already, this game has produced some pretty incredible concept art and screenshots for our viewing pleasure, and we look forward to bringing you exclusive Star Trek Online features and news in the near future!

If you would like to check this game out for yourself, we encourage you to take a moment to let us know if you are looking forward to it by voting on our hype meter!

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